Infant TransWarmer Mattress

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Brand Description: Niche Healthcare
Model Number: NH-54776

Shelf life: 3 years.

Our gel-based Niche Infant Warmer Mattress helps bring warmth and comfort to infants during transport in or between hospitals. Upon activation, it reaches the target temperature in 90 seconds and stays warm for up to 2 hours, ensuring ultimate comfort and safety for the baby. Made with our patented Insta-Gel, the mattress is designed to efficiently reduce the risk of hypothermia for infants, especially when they need the protection the most.

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Features & Benefits

Safety and comfort – Gel-based material for safe transport in or between hospitals.
Reduction of cold stress – Keeps the infant warm during transport, minimising the risk of
Hygiene – Single-use mattress, which minimises the risk of cross-infection.
Convenience – Portable heat source; no electricity required.
Appropriate temperature – Delivers approximately 39.5°C/103°F of warm therapy when activated at
room temperature and will not exceed 40.5°C/105°F.
Ease of use – Simple disc activation.
Lotus births – Can be used when planning on delayed clamping and lotus births
Highly recommend – To use when babies are born during labour/delivery suite, and most definitely for
home births to help aid warmth.
Unique – The unique gelatinous texture and soft allows a ‘nest’ to be created, optimising the positioning
of new-born infants.
Cushions – Vibrations are cushioned and absorbed by the soft surface while transporting a new-born.



There are four ways in which a neonate loses body heat:

  • Evaporation: When amniotic fluid evaporates from the skin. Evaporative losses may be insensible (from skin and breathing) or sensible (sweating). Other factors that
    contribute to evaporative loss are the newborn’s surface area, vapor pressure and air velocity. This is the greatest source of heat loss at birth.
  • Conduction: When the newborn is placed naked on a cooler surface, such as table, scale, cold bed. The transfer of heat between two solid objects that are touching, is
    influenced by the size of the surface area in contact and the temperature gradient between surfaces.
  • Convection: When the newborn is exposed to cool surrounding air or to a draft from open doors, windows or fans, the transfer of heat from the newborn to air or liquid
    is affected by the newborn’s large surface area, air flow (drafts, ventilation systems, etc), and temperature gradient.
  • Radiation: When the newborn is near cool objects, walls, tables, cabinets, without actually being in contact with them. The transfer of heat between solid surfaces that
    are not touching. Factors that affect heat change due to radiation are temperature gradient between the two surfaces, surface area of the solid surfaces and distance between solid surfaces. This is the greatest source of heat loss after birth.


Stages of Neonatal Hypothermia:

  • Mild hypothermia: with ranges between 36 and 36.4°C
  • Moderate hypothermia: ranging between 32 and 35.9°C
  • Severe hypothermia: with any temperature below 32°C.


Further Reading:

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Specification Sheet

Niche Infant Warmer Mattress Specification Sheet

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8 reviews for Infant TransWarmer Mattress

  1. sirmastersteven

    The mattress provides a gentle & consistent warmth that cradles the baby in a cocoon of comfort. It’s a revolutionary way to keep babies warm & snug.

  2. jonnydt11

    Very effective product

  3. rick280874

    Great product, really good specification sheet, good cost savings from Rohan.

  4. tinksali2814

    The mattress offers a gentle and constant warmth, enveloping the baby in comfort like a cocoon. It’s a revolutionary approach to ensuring babies stay warm and snug.

  5. andersondiamond2305

    Really good product to use. Really easy to activate and works very well.

  6. sarah

    The Infant TransWarmer has helped a lot when transferring babies from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to Maternity. Especially, the Jaundice Babies as they are quite vulnerable in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Special Care Baby Unit and the High Dependency Unit.

  7. greermason44

    An excellent product to use, incredibly simple to activate, and performs exceptionally well.

  8. elisexleoni

    amazing so easy and quick to use really beneficial would definitely recommend

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