Non-Adherent Paraffin Gauze

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Model Number: NH-755833

Brand; Niche Healthcare

Paraffin gauze. Vaseline gauze are made of 100% bleached cotton. With its softness and absorbency, they are widely used to clean and cover minor wounds, to absorb secretion and to treat secondary healing wounds.



Paraffin gauze is a type of wound dressing commonly used in healthcare settings to facilitate the healing of burns and other skin injuries. It is made of a fine gauze fabric infused or coated with a layer of soft paraffin wax.

Key features of paraffin gauze include:

Non-Adherent: Paraffin-coated gauze is non-adherent, which means it does not stick to the wound’s surface. This property helps prevent damage to newly formed tissue when the dressing is changed.

Moisture Retention: Paraffin gauze helps retain moisture around the wound, creating a moist healing environment. This can promote faster wound healing and minimize scarring.

Thermal Insulation: It provides thermal insulation to protect the wound from temperature fluctuations and external contaminants, which is particularly important in burn wound care.

Ease of Application: Paraffin gauze is easy to apply and conforms well to the contours of the body, making it suitable for various wound types, including burns, skin grafts, and donor sites.

Versatility: It is widely used in hospitals and clinics for the management of burns and other superficial injuries, aiding in the prevention of infection and promoting optimal healing conditions.


How to clean a wound from home.

How to clean a wound from home.


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