Disposable Non-Rebreathing Mask

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Model Number: NH-13081

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Under-the-chin design for excellent fit on wide range of face sizes.
Non rebreathing mask is transparent, clear, soft material for patient comfort and visual assessment.
Adaptor swivels to accommodate patient position.
Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit.
There are 1000ml, 750ml & 500ml reservoir bag.
Complete with 2m or 2.5m anti-crush oxygen tube.
Can be latex or latex-free.


A non-rebreathing mask is a medical device used to deliver high concentrations of oxygen to patients who require supplemental oxygen therapy. Here are several healthcare benefits associated with the use of non-rebreathing masks in the National Health Service (NHS) and similar healthcare settings:

  1. High Concentration Oxygen Delivery: Non-rebreathing masks are designed to deliver a high concentration of oxygen to the patient. They are capable of providing oxygen concentrations close to 100%, making them suitable for patients who require high-flow oxygen therapy.

  2. Management of Hypoxemia: Non-rebreathing masks are particularly beneficial for managing hypoxemia, a condition characterized by low levels of oxygen in the blood. The high concentration of oxygen delivered by these masks helps improve oxygenation and correct hypoxemia.

  3. Respiratory Distress and Emergency Situations: Non-rebreathing masks are commonly used in emergency situations and for patients experiencing respiratory distress. They provide a quick and effective means of delivering high-flow oxygen to stabilize the patient’s respiratory status.

  4. Post-Surgical Recovery: Patients in the postoperative period, especially those undergoing surgeries that may impact respiratory function, may benefit from non-rebreathing masks to support oxygenation during the recovery phase.

  5. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Non-rebreathing masks are often utilized during CPR efforts to provide high-flow oxygen to patients in cardiac arrest. The mask allows for the delivery of oxygen during chest compressions and ventilation cycles.

  6. Patients with Severe Respiratory Conditions: Individuals with severe respiratory conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), may require high-flow oxygen therapy delivered through non-rebreathing masks to maintain adequate oxygenation.

  7. Stabilization of Critical Patients: Non-rebreathing masks play a crucial role in stabilizing critically ill patients, including those in intensive care units (ICUs). They offer a means of providing immediate and concentrated oxygen support.

  8. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Treatment: Non-rebreathing masks are utilized in the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning. The high-flow oxygen helps to facilitate the elimination of carbon monoxide from the body and support tissue oxygenation.

  9. Transport of Oxygen-Dependent Patients: Non-rebreathing masks are suitable for the transport of patients who require high-flow oxygen. They can be used during patient transfer within the hospital or in emergency medical services.

  10. Compatibility with Oxygen Sources: These masks are compatible with oxygen sources, such as oxygen cylinders or wall-mounted oxygen flow systems, making them versatile and adaptable to different healthcare settings.

  11. Reduced Risk of Rebreathing Exhaled Air: Non-rebreathing masks are designed with a one-way valve and reservoir bag, which helps minimize the risk of the patient rebreathing exhaled air. This enhances the delivery of fresh oxygen with each breath.

  12. Monitoring Oxygen Saturation: The use of non-rebreathing masks allows for the monitoring of oxygen saturation levels in patients, helping healthcare providers assess the effectiveness of oxygen therapy and make adjustments as needed.

  13. Patient Comfort and Compliance: Non-rebreathing masks are designed to be comfortable for patients, with adjustable straps and a soft face mask. Comfortable masks contribute to patient compliance with prescribed oxygen therapy.

  14. Reduction of Work of Breathing: The high-flow oxygen provided by non-rebreathing masks can help reduce the work of breathing for patients with respiratory distress, facilitating more effective gas exchange.

  15. Adaptability to Different Patient Populations: Non-rebreathing masks come in various sizes to accommodate both adult and paediatric patients, ensuring proper fit and effective oxygen delivery for individuals of different ages.

In summary, non-rebreathing masks are valuable tools in delivering high concentrations of oxygen to patients in various clinical scenarios, ranging from emergency situations to the management of chronic respiratory conditions. Their versatility and ability to provide high-flow oxygen make them essential in ensuring adequate oxygenation and supporting patients in need of oxygen therapy in the NHS and similar healthcare settings.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
NH-13081 Adult, XL, with reservoir bag 1000ml 100
NH-13082 Adult, L, with reservoir bag 1000ml 100
NH-13083 Child, M, with reservoir bag 750ml 100
NH-13084 Child, S, with reservoir bag 750ml 100
NH-13085 Neonate, XS, with reservoir bag 500ml 100



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