Non Slip Hospital Socks

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Model Number: NH-11981

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Our non-slip hospital socks are crafted from a blend of cotton yarn, low-stretch yarn, and polyester. They are available in different styles, including bare socks, single-sided adhesive, and double-sided adhesive. The color options encompass white, yellow, green, blue, red, khaki, gray, and more.

These hospital socks offer an array of benefits, including comfort, excellent slip resistance, disposability, breathability, antibacterial properties, durability, warmth, and an environmentally friendly design.


Non Slip Hospital Socks

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Why use Non Slip Hospital Socks in Hospitals?
Non-slip hospital socks, also known as non-skid or slip-resistant socks, are utilized in hospitals for several important reasons:
  1. Patient Safety: The primary purpose of non-slip hospital socks is to enhance patient safety. Hospitals can be busy and potentially hazardous environments, and patients may need to move around, walk, or stand despite their medical conditions. Non-slip socks reduce the risk of patients slipping, falling, or losing their balance while walking in hospital corridors, rooms, or common areas.

  2. Fall Prevention: Preventing patient falls is a critical concern in healthcare settings. Falls can lead to injuries, complications, and longer hospital stays. Non-slip socks provide patients with additional stability and confidence when they need to move around, helping to reduce the likelihood of falls.

  3. Post-Operative Recovery: Many patients in hospitals have recently undergone surgery, which may affect their strength, balance, and mobility. Non-slip socks are particularly valuable for post-operative patients who need to regain their footing and stability as they recover.

  4. Elderly Patients: Elderly patients, who are often more prone to falls due to age-related factors, can benefit significantly from non-slip socks. These socks provide extra grip and help elderly patients maintain their balance while walking or getting out of bed.

  5. Reduced Injury Risk: Non-slip socks also help prevent injuries that can result from slipping or falling. Injuries such as fractures, sprains, and bruises can be painful and complicate a patient’s recovery process.

  6. Infection Control: Unlike regular footwear, non-slip hospital socks are designed to be worn within the hospital environment. They can be easily laundered and disinfected, contributing to infection control efforts in healthcare facilities.

  7. Comfort and Warmth: Hospital floors can be cold, and patients may find hospital socks more comfortable and warmer than bare feet. This added comfort can contribute to a more positive patient experience during their stay.

  8. Versatility: Non-slip hospital socks are designed to be worn in bed, while walking, or when using the restroom. This versatility ensures that patients can wear them in various situations without having to change their footwear frequently.



In summary, non-slip hospital socks are an essential part of patient care in hospitals, as they help improve patient safety, reduce the risk of falls and injuries, and enhance the overall patient experience. They are a simple yet effective solution to promote a safer and more comfortable hospital environment, particularly for patients who may be at an increased risk of slipping or falling.

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