Non-vacuum Blood Tube, 5ml

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Model Number: NH-18991

Brand: Niche Healthcare

5ml EDTA K3 Non-vacuum blood tube, Green cap


A non-vacuum blood tube, also known as a plain tube or serum tube, is a type of blood collection tube used in medical laboratories for various diagnostic tests. Unlike vacuum tubes that contain a pre-measured vacuum to draw blood into the tube, non-vacuum tubes rely on the direct insertion of blood into the tube using a syringe or another method.

Here are some key features of a non-vacuum blood tube, 5ml:

Volume: The “5ml” designation indicates the volume capacity of the tube, which is 5 millilitres. This volume is suitable for collecting a moderate amount of blood for diagnostic testing.

Coagulation Tests: Non-vacuum tubes are commonly used for tests that require whole blood to clot, such as coagulation studies and serum chemistry tests. The absence of additives in these tubes allows for natural clotting to occur.

Clot Activator or Gel Separator: Some non-vacuum tubes may contain a clot activator or a gel separator at the bottom. The clot activator promotes blood clotting, and the gel separator helps in the separation of serum from the clot during centrifugation.

Tube Material: These tubes are typically made of plastic or glass. Plastic tubes are lightweight and shatter-resistant, while glass tubes may be used for certain specialized tests.

Colour Coding: Non-vacuum tubes often have a specific colour code for easy identification. The colour may vary depending on the manufacturer, but it is typically associated with the type of additive or absence of additives in the tube.

Cap: The tube is sealed with a cap to prevent contamination and leakage. The cap may have a colour that corresponds to the tube’s intended use or additive.

It’s important to follow proper blood collection procedures, including the use of the correct tube and additives, to ensure accurate and reliable test results. Non-vacuum tubes are commonly used in situations where the blood needs to clot naturally, and the serum component is required for testing. The choice of tube depends on the specific requirements of the laboratory tests being conducted.


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