Non-woven Shoe Cover

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Model Number: NH-21511

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Made of PP non-woven fabric
Lightweight, easy to wear and one size fits most
Wildly used in hospitals, workshop, home, etc


Non-woven shoe covers in a healthcare environment offer several benefits, primarily focused on infection control, cleanliness, and the prevention of cross-contamination. Here are key advantages associated with the use of non-woven shoe covers:

  1. Infection Prevention: Non-woven shoe covers act as a protective barrier, preventing the transfer of contaminants from shoes to the healthcare environment. This is crucial for maintaining a sterile and hygienic setting, especially in clinical areas and operating rooms.

  2. Reduction of Cross-Contamination: Healthcare professionals and visitors may inadvertently carry dirt, debris, or pathogens on their shoes. Non-woven shoe covers help minimize the risk of cross-contamination by providing a barrier that prevents outside contaminants from entering critical areas.

  3. Maintaining Sterile Environments: In surgical and cleanroom settings, maintaining a sterile environment is essential. Non-woven shoe covers contribute to this by preventing the introduction of foreign particles or microorganisms that could compromise the sterility of the area.

  4. Protection for Healthcare Workers: Healthcare workers who are required to move between different areas within a healthcare facility can benefit from non-woven shoe covers. These covers protect their footwear and, in turn, reduce the likelihood of transferring contaminants from one area to another.

  5. Patient Safety: In environments where patient safety is a priority, non-woven shoe covers play a role in preventing the introduction of external contaminants that could pose risks to patients, particularly those with compromised immune systems.

  6. Disposable and Single-Use: Non-woven shoe covers are often designed for single-use, making them a convenient and hygienic solution. Disposable covers eliminate the need for cleaning and maintenance, reducing the risk of contamination associated with reusable options.

  7. Easy Application and Removal: Non-woven shoe covers are designed for quick and easy application and removal. This is important in healthcare settings where efficiency is crucial, allowing healthcare professionals to change covers swiftly between tasks or areas.

  8. Comfort for Users: Many non-woven shoe covers are lightweight and breathable, providing comfort for users. This is important for healthcare professionals who may need to wear them for extended periods.

  9. Versatility: Non-woven shoe covers are versatile and find applications in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and cleanrooms. They are suitable for use by healthcare professionals, visitors, and support staff.

  10. Compliance with Infection Control Guidelines: The use of non-woven shoe covers aligns with infection control guidelines and standards in healthcare. It is an important practice for preventing the spread of infections and maintaining a safe healthcare environment.

  11. Cost-Effective: Non-woven shoe covers are generally cost-effective, especially when considering the potential costs associated with cleaning and maintaining reusable alternatives.

Healthcare facilities should establish and communicate clear protocols for the use of non-woven shoe covers to ensure consistent and effective infection control practices.


Cat. No.
Qty/case (pcs)
Non-woven Shoe Cover, 15x40cm
Non-woven Shoe Cover, 17x40cm
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