NPWT Black Foam Dressing Kit

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Model Number: NH-05244

Brand: Niche Healthcare

NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) dressing kit is designed to promote open wound recovery. 
Use PU foam, sealing drapes, and drainage tubes after debridement to make the open wound close and drain. 
1-pc PU black foam with large aperture
1-pc drainage tube with adhesive sucking disc
1-pc small sucking disc
1-pc polymer semi-permeable sealing drape
1-pc Y connecter
1-pc barrel connector


NPWT Black Foam Dressing Kit, 10×7.5x3cm
NPWT Black Foam Dressing Kit, 16×12.5x3cm
NPWT Black Foam Dressing Kit, 25.5x15x3cm


NPWT, or Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, is a medical technique used for the management of wounds and surgical incisions. An NPWT dressing kit typically includes various components needed to apply negative pressure therapy to a wound site. NPWT promotes wound healing by applying controlled suction or negative pressure to the wound, which helps remove excess fluids, stimulates blood flow, and encourages the formation of granulation tissue.


Components commonly found in an NPWT dressing kit may include:

Foam Dressing: Soft and porous foam dressings are often used to cover the wound. The foam provides a scaffold for granulation tissue formation and helps distribute negative pressure evenly.

Adhesive Drape or Film: A sterile and transparent adhesive film or drape is used to create an airtight seal over the foam dressing and wound area. This seal is crucial for maintaining negative pressure and preventing air leaks.

Connecting Tubing: Tubing connects the foam dressing to the NPWT suction source. The tubing is designed to maintain a sealed connection and facilitate the transfer of fluids from the wound.

Negative Pressure Unit: The NPWT system typically includes a portable negative pressure unit or pump. This device generates controlled negative pressure and is connected to the dressing through the tubing.

Canister: Some NPWT systems use a canister to collect and contain the exudate and fluids removed from the wound. Canisters are often equipped with filters to prevent contaminants from entering the pump.

Power Source: The NPWT pump requires a power source, which may be battery-operated or connected to an electrical outlet. Battery-operated units offer portability for patients.

User Manual and Instructions: Clear instructions and guidelines on how to apply and manage the NPWT dressing are provided in the kit. Proper application is essential for the effectiveness of negative pressure therapy.

NPWT is used in various clinical settings, including postoperative care, chronic wound management, and the treatment of traumatic injuries. The dressing kit components are carefully chosen based on the type of wound, its location, and the specific NPWT system being utilized.

It’s important to note that the use of NPWT and the application of dressing kits are medical procedures performed by healthcare professionals. Patients and caregivers receive proper training on the use and maintenance of NPWT systems to ensure optimal wound healing and reduce the risk of complications.


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