One Piece Colostomy Bag for Neonates

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Model Number: NH-566733

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Our paediatric one piece colostomy bag are just like a mini-adult bag. They offer the same comfort & security whilst being kind but gentle on the skin.



Max Cut
Hydrocolloid baseplate, with non-woven for one side, carbon filter, velcro closure 
10pcs/ box 
CE,  ISO13485
Expiration date
3 Years


A colostomy is a surgical procedure performed on children who are unable to pass feces safely due to disease or anatomical defect. Colostomies are generally recommended for:

  • Babies who are born without an anal opening. 
  • Babies who have a fistula (an abnormal opening) that is allowing waste to spill into the bladder.

The colostomy is usually closed about two to three months after the main repair. For the procedure, the surgeon will close the hole in the abdomen and reconnect the two sections of the colon. After the colostomy is closed, your child won’t be able to eat for about 24 to 48 hours. This allows the new connection between the two parts of the colon to heal. Babies usually start passing stool through the new rectum within two to three days, and most children can go home shortly after they begin passing stool.

Bathing will not hurt the stoma. Many parents choose to bathe their children with the pouch on, since there is no way to know when stool or urine will pass from the stoma. They then change the pouch after the bath.

Begin by removing the used pouch:

  1. Gently press some cotton gauze against the skin while you carefully remove the barrier. If you’ve given your infant a warm bath, you’ll notice that the barrier is pliable and easy to remove. If you take plenty of time, your child should be comfortable during removal.
  2. Cleanse the skin around the stoma with warm water. Use a soft cotton gauze or wipe, as directed by your stoma care nurse. Remove any adhesive remaining from the old pouch.
  3. Dry the skin thoroughly with a dry cotton gauze or wipe
  4. The skin around your infant’s stoma should be free from sores or redness. If you have concerns, please contact your stoma care nurse for advice.
  5. When you are certain the skin around the stoma is completely dry, apply the new barrier. You may find this step easier with two people, where appropriate.
  6. Ensure that the barrier has good contact to skin the whole way around by gently pressing around the barrier edge, paying particular attention to skin folds and groin area where necessary

Please follow your stoma care nurse’s advice regarding wear time and barrier change regime.


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