Oxygen Mask – 100 (PCs)

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Model Number: NH-13091

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Under-the-chin design for excellent fit on wide range of face sizes.
Oxygen mask is transparent, clear, soft material for patient comfort and visual assessment.
Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit (mask without nose clip is also available).
Complete with 7-ft. oxygen supply tubing.
Can be latex or latex-free.


Oxygen masks are essential medical devices used in healthcare settings, including the National Health Service (NHS), for the delivery of supplemental oxygen to patients. Here are several healthcare benefits associated with the use of oxygen masks:

  1. Supplemental Oxygen Delivery: Oxygen masks provide a means to deliver higher concentrations of oxygen to patients who require supplemental oxygen therapy. This is crucial in situations where patients are experiencing hypoxemia (low levels of oxygen in the blood) or respiratory distress.

  2. Treatment of Hypoxemia: Oxygen masks are effective in addressing hypoxemia, a condition characterized by inadequate oxygen levels in the blood. Administering supplemental oxygen helps improve oxygenation and prevent complications associated with low oxygen levels.

  3. Emergency Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen masks are commonly used in emergency situations, such as during cardiac arrests, trauma, or respiratory distress, to quickly provide high-flow oxygen support to stabilize patients.

  4. Postoperative Recovery: Patients in the postoperative period may require oxygen therapy to support respiratory function during the recovery phase. Oxygen masks are often used for this purpose, especially in cases where nasal prongs may not be suitable.

  5. Management of Respiratory Conditions: Oxygen masks are utilized in the management of various respiratory conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, asthma, and other lung diseases. They provide a controlled and adjustable flow of oxygen.

  6. Ventilation Support: Oxygen masks can be used in conjunction with manual or mechanical ventilation devices to support patients with respiratory failure or those undergoing procedures requiring assisted ventilation.

  7. Controlled Oxygen Delivery: Oxygen masks allow healthcare providers to control and adjust the flow rate of oxygen based on the patient’s needs. This customization is important for tailoring oxygen therapy to individual patients.

  8. Facilitation of Aerosolized Medications: Some oxygen masks are designed to facilitate the delivery of nebulized or aerosolized medications. This is particularly useful for patients who require both oxygen therapy and inhaled medications.

  9. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Treatment: Oxygen masks are utilized in the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning. Administering high-flow oxygen helps eliminate carbon monoxide from the body and supports oxygenation.

  10. Transport of Oxygen-Dependent Patients: Oxygen masks are suitable for use during patient transport within healthcare facilities or in emergency medical services, ensuring continuous oxygen delivery during movement.

  11. Home Oxygen Therapy: Patients with chronic respiratory conditions may use oxygen masks as part of home oxygen therapy. This helps maintain adequate oxygenation for individuals with conditions like COPD, interstitial lung disease, or pulmonary fibrosis.

  12. Prevention of Hypoxia: Oxygen masks play a crucial role in preventing hypoxia, a condition where the body is deprived of sufficient oxygen. Prompt oxygen therapy helps maintain oxygen saturation levels in the blood.

  13. Patient Comfort and Compliance: Oxygen masks are designed to be comfortable for patients, with adjustable straps and soft materials. This contributes to patient compliance with prescribed oxygen therapy.

  14. Integration with Venturi Masks: Venturi masks, which provide specific oxygen concentrations, are a type of oxygen mask used in situations where precise control of oxygen concentration is required, such as in certain respiratory conditions or post-surgical care.

  15. Enhanced Oxygen Saturation Levels: Oxygen masks support the improvement of oxygen saturation levels in the blood, contributing to enhanced tissue oxygenation and overall physiological function.

It’s important to note that the choice of oxygen delivery device, including masks, is based on the patient’s clinical condition, oxygen requirements, and healthcare provider recommendations. Proper monitoring and assessment are key components of effective oxygen therapy in the healthcare setting.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
NH-13091 Adult, XL 100
NH-13092 Adult, L 100
NH-13093 Child, M 100
NH-13094 Child, S 100
NH-13095 Neonate, XS 100


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Laboratory Medical Equipment.


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