Oxygen Tube – 100 (PCs)

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Model Number: NH-13151

Brand: Niche Healthcare

  • Made of medical grade PVC.
  • Anti-crush tube.
  • Individually packed, sterile.
  • The length can be specified by customers.


It seems there might be some confusion in the terminology. An “oxygen tube” is not a specific medical device, but the term may refer to an oxygen supply tubing or oxygen cannula. I’ll provide information on both possibilities:

  1. Oxygen Supply Tubing:

    Oxygen supply tubing is a flexible tube that connects an oxygen source (such as an oxygen concentrator or cylinder) to an oxygen delivery device (such as a nasal cannula or oxygen mask). Here are the healthcare benefits associated with oxygen supply tubing:

    • Conduit for Oxygen Delivery: The tubing serves as a conduit for the delivery of oxygen from the source to the patient. It allows for the transportation of oxygen over a certain distance, such as from an oxygen concentrator to the patient’s nose.

    • Versatility: Oxygen tubing is compatible with various oxygen delivery devices, including nasal cannulas, masks, and humidifiers. This versatility enables healthcare providers to choose the most suitable delivery method for the patient’s needs.

    • Patient Mobility: The flexibility of oxygen tubing allows patients to move freely within a certain range while still receiving a continuous supply of oxygen. This is particularly important for ambulatory patients or those who need oxygen during activities of daily living.

    • Home Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen tubing is commonly used in home oxygen therapy setups, providing a means for patients to receive supplemental oxygen in the comfort of their homes.

    • Adjustable Flow Rates: The tubing allows for the adjustment of oxygen flow rates based on the patient’s prescribed oxygen requirements. This adaptability is crucial for tailoring oxygen therapy to individual patient needs.

    • Use in Various Healthcare Settings: Oxygen tubing is utilized in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home healthcare settings, making it a widely applicable component of oxygen therapy.

  2. Oxygen Cannula:

    A nasal cannula is a small, lightweight device that consists of a flexible tube and prongs that are inserted into the patient’s nostrils. Here are the healthcare benefits associated with the use of a nasal cannula:

    • Comfortable Oxygen Delivery: Nasal cannulas are generally well-tolerated by patients, providing a comfortable and less intrusive method of oxygen delivery compared to masks.

    • Preservation of Speech and Eating Abilities: Unlike some oxygen masks, nasal cannulas allow patients to speak, eat, and drink while receiving oxygen therapy, contributing to better quality of life during treatment.

    • Increased Patient Compliance: The non-restrictive nature of nasal cannulas often leads to increased patient compliance, as they are less likely to impede daily activities and routines.

    • Use in Various Oxygen Concentrations: Nasal cannulas can be used for low to moderate oxygen flow rates and are compatible with both continuous and intermittent oxygen therapy.

    • Ease of Application: Nasal cannulas are easy to apply and are suitable for patients across different age groups. They are secured around the ears or head, and the prongs are inserted into the nostrils.

    • Ambulatory Oxygen Therapy: Nasal cannulas are especially useful for ambulatory patients who need continuous or intermittent oxygen therapy while maintaining mobility.

    • Home Use: Nasal cannulas are commonly used in home oxygen therapy setups, providing patients with a convenient and effective means of receiving supplemental oxygen.

Both oxygen tubing and nasal cannulas are integral components of oxygen therapy, allowing patients to receive the necessary oxygen support in various healthcare settings, including the NHS. The specific benefits depend on the patient’s condition, prescribed oxygen requirements, and the chosen oxygen delivery method.


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Oxygen Tube, 210cm
Oxygen Tube, 400cm
Oxygen Tube, 200cm


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