Paediatric CE Approved Fingertip Pulse OLED Display Blood Oxygen Testing Equipment

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Brand Name: Niche Healthcare
Model Number: NH-29038


Principle of the CMS50QB Pulse Oximeter is as follows: Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin Inspection Technology is adopted in accordance with Capacity Pulse Scanning & Recording Technology, the Pulse Oximeter can be used in measuring the pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate through finger. The product is suitable for being used in families, hospital, oxygen bar, community healthcare, physical care in sports. It can be used before or after doing sports, and it is not recommended to use the device during the process of having sport.



Quick Details
Power Source: Electric
Warranty: 2 years
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Material: Metal, Plastic
Shelf Life: 3 years
Quality Certification: CE
Instrument classification: Class II
Safety standard: None
Certificate: CE ISO
Application: Clinic & Hospital & Family
Material: ABS
SpO2 measuring range: 0%~100%(the resolution is 1%)
Accuracy: 70%~100%: ±2%, Below 70% unspecified.
Display: OLED display respectivly
PR measurement range: 30bpm~250bpm (resolution is 1bpm)
Power Consumption: Less than 80mA
Power Supply: Voltage 3.6 rechargeable lithium battery *1

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Additional information

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 13.1 × 9.2 × 6.2 cm


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