Paediatric Nurse Knowledge Cards

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5 paediatric knowledge cards, including: P.E.W.S, APGAR, Gross & Fine Skills, Skill Development and Vital Ranges. 


Nursing Knowledge Cards are exactly what you need if you are someone working with Paediatrics of all ages. We understand that there is a lot of information you have to remember as a nurse, and that’s why we want to help you ensure you never forget. Our Nursing Knowledge Cards come in a pack of 5, with each card summarizing different, yet important, varieties of key information. Personalise your card set with information of your choice, including Name, Job Role & many more.

Set includes:

Normal Vital Ranges In Paediatrics Card

Have the expected vitals of paediatrics from preterm to adolescent on hand, including Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate & Systolic BP.

Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) Card

Paediatrics Early Warning Score helps to identify when a child may be unwell by judging 3 different aspects of their health and scoring them.

Gross & Fine Skills Card

Gross and Fine Motor Skills are a base chart for assessing growth and development in children which explain how they should progress at each age.

Paediatrics Skill Development Card

The Paediatrics Skill development card outlines common language & social skills of children throughout their first 4 years as they develop.

APGAR Scoring Card

APGAR references the activity, pulse, grimace, appearance and respiration of a child. The scoring system helps to identify where there may be an issue, typically in smaller children/infants



A Infographic Of the NHS Dress Code For Nurses

A Infographic Of the NHS Dress Code For Nurses


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    Great product for our student nurses, robust like a credit card, and easy to put on our lanyards, loved the product!

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