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Brand: Niche Healthcare

Model Number: NH-18752


vGlo is a portable, battery operated vein locating device. The device is useful in paediatric patients for locating veins. vGlo is especially beneficial in neonatal and and pre-term cases for locating tiny veins.


  • Light source: LED
  • Applications: Paediatrics
  • Other characteristics: battery-operated, hand-held


The benefits of using a vein finder in the medical field:

Vein finders are essential for a variety of medical professional operations, including IV access by a frontline healthcare professional, blood specimen collection by a phlebotomist, and hospital-based medical professionals – a vein finder of high quality is an important must for all. Vein finders have become increasingly popular in the medical field over the past few years.



There are many benefits to using a vein finder, including:

  1. They help improve accuracy when taking blood samples or inserting IVs.
  2. They can help save time, as veins can be located quickly and easily.
  3. They can reduce pain and discomfort for patients, as needles can be inserted into veins more accurately.
  4. They may help to reduce the number of complications associated with taking blood samples or inserting IVs.
  5. They can be used on patients of all ages, including infants and children.
  6. They are easy to use and can be operated by anyone who has been trained to do so.
  7. They are relatively inexpensive and are often covered by insurance plans


Paediatric Cannulation Sites 

Paediatric intravenous (IV) cannulation is an integral part of modern medicine and is practiced in virtually every healthcare setting. Venous access allows the sampling of blood, as well as administration of fluids, medications, parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy, and blood products. The three main veins of the antecubital fossa (the cephalic, basilic, and median cubital) are frequently used. These veins are usually large, easy to find, and accommodating of larger IV catheters. Thus, they are ideal sites when large amounts of fluids must be administered. However, their location in a flexor region is a drawback, as bending of the elbow can be uncomfortable to the patient and may occlude the flow of the intravenous solution.

Where would vGlo be useful?

  • Paediatrics, Phlebotomy, Pathology
  • Emergency, Casualty wards
  • ICUs, Operation Theatres, OPDs
  • Paediatrics, Phlebotomy, Pathology, Oncology
  • Medical Colleges and Nursing Schools



  • Weight – 80 gms
  • Size – 128x 42 x34mm
  • Operating Temp – 4°C to 40°C
  • Storage Temp – -10°C to 50°C
  • Usage on Battery – 4 hours of active use, 6 months of standby
  • Charging Time – 5 hours to full charge
  • Illumination – 1 Red LED, Level 1: Low Intensity, Level 2: High Intensity
  • Battery Type – Built in, Rechargeable, Li-Ion, 3.7V, 2200 mAH
  • Charger Type – Micro USB, 5V, 2A, 110-230 V
  • Portable – Yes
  • Indicators – Charging: Orange, Charged: Green


Intravenous access – Peripheral:

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  1. rohan23eva

    Great product, last time my Child was in CAU. He needed his bloods taken. They ended up attempting this around 3/4 making this an uncomfortable situation. This time they used this amazing advice which located the Vein in his arm straight away which resulted to no further attempts of a successful draw. Thank you Niche for improving the processes of the department.

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