Pasteur Pipette- Laboratory

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Model Number: NH-31504

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Pasteur pipette,made from medical grade LDPE.
Graduated pasteur pipette,with moulded graduations make it easy to perform quick measured liquid transfer.
Transfer pipette,with variety of volume for choices. 1ml,,3ml,5ml.
Available for E.O. sterilization or non sterile.
Bulk and individual packing or other.
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A Pasteur pipette, named after the renowned French scientist Louis Pasteur, is a slender and elongated glass or plastic tube with a narrow tip at one end. This pipette is commonly used in laboratories for transferring small volumes of liquids. It lacks volume markings, making it suitable for qualitative rather than quantitative measurements.

The Pasteur pipette is often used for tasks such as transferring small amounts of reagents, extracting samples from a container, or adding drops of a solution to a mixture. Its simplicity and versatility make it a handy tool in various scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and medicine. Despite its limited accuracy in volume measurements compared to more precise pipettes, the Pasteur pipette is valued for its convenience in handling small quantities of liquids in laboratory settings.


Everyday laboratory medical equipment.

Everyday laboratory medical equipment.


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