Polyethylene Pasteur Pipettes

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Model Number: NH-31504

Brand: Niche Healthcare



Features & Benefits:

  • Polyethylene pipettes will not shatter or break
  • An excellent alternative to Pasteur pipettes and rubber bulbs
  • Evenly distributed thickness ensures uniform suction force
  • Gamma radiation sterilized option available
  • Available wrapped individually (sterile) or in bulk package (non-sterile)
  • DNase & RNase free




 Polyethylene pipettes

Polyethylene pipettes


Transfer pipettes, also known as Pasteur pipettes or plastic transfer pipettes, are disposable plastic pipettes used for transferring small volumes of liquids in laboratory and medical settings. They are commonly used in applications where precise volume measurements are not required, such as transferring reagents, mixing solutions, or dispensing samples. Here are some specifications and features of transfer pipettes:

  • Material: Transfer pipettes are typically made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or similar plastics. LDPE is flexible, chemically resistant, and transparent, allowing users to observe the liquid being transferred.
  • Design: Transfer pipettes have a straight, narrow tube with a tapered or rounded tip at one end. The other end is open, allowing liquid to be drawn into the pipette by suction or expelled by gentle pressure on the bulbous top.
  • Graduated or Non-Graduated: Transfer pipettes may come with or without volume graduations marked on the side. Graduated pipettes allow users to estimate the volume being transferred, while non-graduated pipettes are often used when precise volume measurements are not necessary.
  • Capacity: Transfer pipettes come in various capacities, typically ranging from 1 mL to 5 mL. The choice of pipette capacity depends on the volume of liquid being transferred and the specific application.
  • Disposable: Transfer pipettes are designed for single-use and are disposable after a single use to prevent cross-contamination between samples and reduce the risk of contamination in sensitive applications, such as cell culture or molecular biology.
  • Sterility: Some transfer pipettes are available in sterile formats for applications requiring aseptic techniques and preventing contamination of samples or reagents.
  • Ease of Use: Transfer pipettes are easy to use and require minimal training. Liquid is drawn into the pipette by squeezing the bulbous top and then expelled by gently releasing the pressure. They offer a simple and convenient solution for transferring liquids in the laboratory or clinical setting.
  • Cost-Effective: Transfer pipettes are cost-effective compared to other types of pipettes, such as micropipettes, making them suitable for applications where precise volume measurements are not critical, or disposable pipetting is preferred for hygiene reasons.

Overall, transfer pipettes are versatile tools commonly used for transferring small volumes of liquids in various laboratory, medical, and educational settings. They provide a convenient and economical solution for a wide range of liquid handling tasks.


Everyday laboratory medical equipment.

Everyday laboratory medical equipment.


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