PC Cryogenic Vial Boxes

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Model Number: NH-86549


Features & Benefits:

  • Made of tough polycarbonate, chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents
  • Can be repeatedly frozen and thawed
  • 5×5 (25-well), 9×9 (81-well), or 10×10 (100-well) boxes available
  • Compatible with 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml or 5.0ml microtubes and cryogenic vials
  • Numbered grids for sample identification
  • Drain holes and air vents minimize condensation
  • Five assorted colours available



  • Suitable for storage in freezers or liquid nitrogen(vapor phase)
  • Working temperature: stable from -196°C to 121°C


PC Cryogenic Boxes

PC Cryogenic Boxes


PC cryogenic boxes are containers designed for the organized storage of cryogenic vials or tubes in ultra-low temperature environments. “PC” typically stands for polycarbonate, a durable and transparent thermoplastic material commonly used in laboratory equipment due to its resistance to chemicals and temperature extremes.

These cryogenic boxes are often used in conjunction with cryogenic vials to store biological samples such as DNA, RNA, proteins, cells, or tissues at temperatures as low as -80°C or even lower, typically in liquid nitrogen (-196°C). The boxes come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different vial sizes and quantities.

Key features of PC cryogenic boxes include:

  • Durable Construction: Polycarbonate material provides excellent durability, ensuring the boxes can withstand repeated use and storage in harsh conditions, such as ultra-low temperatures.
  • Transparent Design: Many PC cryogenic boxes are transparent, allowing users to easily view the contents without having to open the box, which helps minimize sample exposure to temperature fluctuations.
  • Grid System: The interior of the box is usually divided into a grid system, with each grid accommodating individual vials. This organization facilitates easy sample retrieval and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Temperature Resistance: PC cryogenic boxes are designed to maintain their structural integrity and functionality even at extremely low temperatures, ensuring the safety and integrity of stored samples.
  • Compatibility: These boxes are often designed to be compatible with standard laboratory freezers and storage racks, allowing for easy integration into existing laboratory workflows and storage systems.

Overall, PC cryogenic boxes are essential tools in research, biobanking, and clinical laboratories for the efficient and organized storage of valuable biological samples at ultra-low temperatures.


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