Penile Compression Bandage

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Model Number: NH-827923

Brand: Niche Healthcare 


A Penile Compression Bandage, also known as a penile clamp or constriction device, is a medical device used to manage and control bleeding from the penis, typically after certain medical procedures or injuries. It is designed to provide pressure and compression to the penis, which helps in stopping bleeding and preventing further blood loss.

Key features and purposes of a Penile Compression Bandage include:

  1. Hemorrhage Control: The primary purpose of the bandage is to control and stop bleeding from the penis. It’s often used in cases where excessive bleeding occurs, such as after circumcision, surgery, or trauma.

  2. Adjustable Pressure: Penile compression bandages usually allow for adjustable pressure to ensure the right amount of compression to stop bleeding without causing discomfort or harm.

  3. Easy Application: They are designed for easy and quick application, typically with a simple mechanism to tighten or release pressure.

  4. Safety Measures: These devices are equipped with safety features to prevent over-tightening or causing injury to the penis.

  5. Medical Use: Penile compression bandages are primarily used in clinical and medical settings, administered by healthcare professionals. They are not for personal or casual use.

  6. Temporary Solution: They are considered a temporary measure to control bleeding while more definitive medical care or intervention is arranged.

These bandages play a critical role in preventing excessive blood loss from penile wounds or surgical sites, ensuring patient safety and aiding in the healing process. Proper use and application are crucial, and they should always be managed by trained medical personnel.

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