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A Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) securement device is a medical device designed to anchor and stabilize a PICC line in place. A PICC line is a long, thin tube that is inserted through a peripheral vein, usually in the arm, and advanced until the tip reaches a large vein near the heart. This type of catheter is often used for patients who require long-term intravenous (IV) therapy, such as chemotherapy, antibiotics, or parenteral nutrition.

The PICC securement device is used to prevent the catheter from moving or becoming dislodged, which can lead to complications such as infection or damage to the blood vessel. These devices are designed to provide a secure and comfortable means of holding the PICC line in place while minimizing the risk of complications. Here are some common features and functions of PICC securement devices:

Adhesive Base: The device typically has an adhesive base that adheres to the patient’s skin, providing a stable foundation for securing the catheter.

Adjustable Straps: Most devices include adjustable straps or wings that wrap around the catheter and secure it in place. These straps are often made of soft and flexible materials to ensure patient comfort.

Clamps or Clips: Some securement devices come with clamps or clips that can be used to hold the catheter tubing in place, preventing it from shifting or pulling.

Elastomeric Material: Many securement devices are made from elastomeric materials that allow flexibility and movement while maintaining a secure hold on the catheter.

Quick-release Mechanisms: Some devices feature quick-release mechanisms to facilitate easy removal of the securement device when necessary for catheter care or maintenance.

Proper securement of a PICC line is crucial to prevent complications such as infection, phlebitis, and accidental dislodgement. Healthcare professionals follow specific protocols for the insertion and care of PICC lines, and the choice of a securement device may depend on factors such as the patient’s condition, the type of PICC line used, and individual preferences.

Patients with a PICC line should follow healthcare providers’ instructions for care and monitor the insertion site for signs of infection or other issues. If there are concerns about the securement of the PICC line, healthcare professionals should be consulted for guidance.

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