Plasma Indicator Tape

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Model Number: NH-20511

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Process indicator tape for VHP sterilization. The tape does not require scissors to be cut – it can be torn to suitable size pieces by hands.
At a specific time, a specific temperature, a specific concentration of hydrogen peroxide gas.
The colour changed from Blue to Red.


Plasma indicator tape serves a specific purpose in healthcare settings, particularly in environments where sterilization and infection control are paramount. The primary benefit of plasma indicator tape is to provide a visual indication that a specific item or package has been exposed to plasma sterilization. Below are some key benefits associated with the use of plasma indicator tape in a healthcare environment:

  1. Sterilization Confirmation: Plasma indicator tape is designed to change color or display a distinct indicator pattern when exposed to plasma sterilization conditions. This provides a clear visual confirmation that the items or packages to which the tape is applied have undergone the sterilization process.

  2. Quality Assurance: The use of plasma indicator tape contributes to quality assurance in healthcare facilities. It helps healthcare professionals and staff easily identify whether sterilization conditions have been met, ensuring that medical instruments and equipment are safe for use on patients.

  3. Compliance with Sterilization Protocols: Healthcare facilities are required to adhere to strict sterilization protocols and guidelines to ensure patient safety. Plasma indicator tape assists in compliance by offering a visible signal that the sterilization process has been successfully completed.

  4. Prevention of Cross-Contamination: Clearly marked sterilized items help prevent cross-contamination in healthcare settings. Healthcare professionals can quickly identify and use sterilized instruments, reducing the risk of introducing infections during medical procedures.

  5. Time-Efficient Workflow: The use of plasma indicator tape streamlines the workflow in healthcare facilities. Staff can easily identify sterilized items, promoting efficiency and reducing the time spent searching for appropriate instruments or equipment.

  6. User-Friendly Application: Plasma indicator tape is designed for easy application to various surfaces, including packaging materials and equipment. Its user-friendly nature ensures that healthcare professionals can use it with ease as part of their daily routines.

  7. Compatibility with Packaging Materials: Plasma indicator tape is often compatible with a range of packaging materials commonly used in healthcare settings. This versatility allows healthcare facilities to apply the tape to different types of sterilization pouches and wraps.

  8. Convenient Monitoring: Healthcare professionals can conveniently monitor the sterilization status of items without the need for complex equipment or additional steps. The visual indication provided by the tape is a straightforward and effective method of monitoring.

  9. Cost-Effective Sterilization Verification: Plasma indicator tape offers a cost-effective solution for verifying the completion of the sterilization process. It eliminates the need for more sophisticated and expensive monitoring systems, making it accessible for various healthcare facilities.

  10. Reliable Indicator: Plasma indicator tape is designed to be a reliable indicator of plasma sterilization. Its responsiveness to specific sterilization conditions ensures that the visual change is a dependable signal of successful sterilization.

It’s important to follow manufacturer guidelines and recommended usage practices when applying plasma indicator tape to ensure accurate sterilization monitoring in healthcare environments. Additionally, compliance with relevant healthcare regulations and standards is essential to maintaining the highest levels of patient safety.


Cat. No.
Qty/case (rolls)
12.5mm x 50m
19mm x 50m
25mm x 50m


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