Plaster of Paris Bandage

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Model Number – NH-6743901

Brand – Niche Healthcare

Plaster of Paris Bandage, often referred to as POP bandage, is a medical dressing used for immobilization and support of injured bones and joints.



Plaster of Paris Bandage (P.O.P Bandage)

Having adopted the advanced automatic producing line, the P.O.P bandage is suitable for instant use. It’s the necessary product for surgery treatment. The P.O.P bandage is made of high quality CaSO4.1/2H2O and Gauze 40’s 29×20.
Indications: Fixation of all kinds of bone fractures, surgical operation and first-aid
Orthopedic plastic
Each bandage is wrapped individually in a waterproof bag. The outer package is strong cardboard carton to keep best storing condition.

Water temperature: Soak in water temperature of between 25℃-30℃.
Storage requirement: Protect from moisture and store in dry room. Off the floor and away from window.

Directions of use:
1) Padding: before applying the P.O.P bandage, the patient’s skin should be appropriately covered by stocking net and or orthopaedic padding.
2) Gloves: used glove when applying the P.O.P bandage.
3) Opening: the package is designed to ease opening the bandage.
4) Dipping: sock only ONE roll of bandage at a time. Immerse the bandage at 45 degree slant until bubbling crease. The soaking time is between 5-15 seconds.
5) Squeezing: take the bandage out of water and squeeze out the excess water with hands pressing the bandage softly from both edges towards the middle. If a second bandage is required, lightly squeeze the first bandage to leave enough water to soak on the second bandage so that the bandages are properly merged and formed appropriately.
6) Setting time: after the shaping & wrapping process, the bandage will take 2-3 minutes to harden so that the bandage can be properly formed. During this period, it is important that no movement/ disturbance is allowed as this will affect the forming of bandage.


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Laboratory Medical Equipment


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