Plastic Security Padlock Seal

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Model Number: NH-10051

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Plastic security padlock seal is miniature in size, giant in tamper proof sealing. It is easy to use and won’t rust or corrode. The seal can be installed quickly without tools, but can only be removed by breaking the temper proof shank and collar. 
Colours are optional. Custom decoration, text, barcodes, serial numbering and logos are available. Size: 22 x 50mm.


Plastic security padlock seals play a crucial role in healthcare environments, particularly in areas where securing and tracking access to medical equipment, supplies, or sensitive information is essential. Here are several benefits associated with the use of plastic security padlock seals in healthcare:

  1. Tamper Evidence: Plastic security padlock seals are designed to provide clear evidence of tampering. Once the seal is locked, any attempt to open or manipulate it will be visible, indicating potential security breaches or unauthorized access.

  2. Asset Protection: In healthcare settings, there are valuable assets, including medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and confidential patient information. Plastic security padlock seals help protect these assets by securing cabinets, containers, or storage areas, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized handling.

  3. Medical Equipment Security: Medical equipment, especially portable devices, can be vulnerable to theft or misuse. Padlock seals help secure equipment such as crash carts, defibrillators, or medication carts, ensuring that they remain accessible only to authorized personnel.

  4. Pharmacy Security: Within healthcare facilities, pharmacies store a range of medications and controlled substances. Plastic security padlock seals can be used to secure medication cabinets, drawers, or refrigerators, enhancing the security of pharmaceutical supplies.

  5. Patient Records Protection: Access to patient records and confidential information must be restricted to authorized personnel. Plastic security padlock seals can be applied to file cabinets or storage units containing patient records, providing an additional layer of security.

  6. Compliance with Regulations: Healthcare facilities are subject to various regulations and standards related to patient privacy and data security. The use of plastic security padlock seals aids in compliance by securing access to sensitive information and ensuring that only authorized individuals have the key or code.

  7. Efficient Tracking: Plastic security padlock seals are often serialized or come with unique identification numbers. This allows for efficient tracking of access points and helps healthcare facilities monitor who has accessed secured areas or equipment.

  8. Quick Visual Verification: The color and design of plastic security padlock seals provide a quick visual verification of the seal’s status. Healthcare staff can easily identify whether a seal is intact or if there has been an attempt to breach security.

  9. Cost-Effective Security: Plastic security padlock seals offer a cost-effective security solution. They are generally more affordable than electronic access control systems and can be applied in a variety of settings to enhance security without significant infrastructure changes.

  10. Prevention of Contamination: In areas where contamination control is critical, such as sterile supply storage, plastic security padlock seals can help prevent unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity of sterile supplies and maintaining a hygienic environment.

  11. Reduced Risk of Medication Errors: By securing access to medication storage areas, plastic security padlock seals contribute to the prevention of medication errors. Only authorized personnel with the necessary keys or codes can access medications, reducing the risk of mistakes in administration.

  12. Customization: Plastic security padlock seals often offer options for customization, allowing healthcare facilities to incorporate branding, department identification, or specific instructions on the seals.

It’s important for healthcare facilities to implement plastic security padlock seals in accordance with internal security policies and relevant regulations. Regular training on proper usage and monitoring practices enhances the effectiveness of these security measures.


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Plastic Security Padlock Seal


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