Plastic Sponge Forceps

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Model Number: NH-85695

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Disposable sponge holder forceps is made of pp material. For medical use.

Disposable plastic sponge holding forceps with its tapered, fenestrated jaw design securely grips sponges even during a vigorous scrub. They are also useful for taking vaginal swabs, transferring small items aseptically, and for other nursing procedures when a longer forceps is needed. The ratcheted locking mechanism of these finger ring forceps securely grip the gauze and hold it in place. The jaws are serrated and precisely matched.


Cat No.




Disposable Plastic Sponge Forceps, fenestrated jaw,24cm



Disposable Plastic Sponge Forceps,loop-end,24cm



Disposable Plastic Sponge Forceps, loop-end,19cm



Product name: Disposable Plastic Sponge Forceps

Size: 19cm /24cm

Colour: Blue ,dark blue, mint blue

Jaws: Fenestrated jaw, loop jaw

Package: Bulk or sterile individual pack.


Plastic sponge forceps, also known as plastic sponge-holding forceps or plastic sponge clamps, are medical instruments designed for handling and placing sterile sponges or gauze during surgical procedures. These forceps are typically made of plastic, which is lightweight, disposable, and compatible with sterilization processes.

Key features and considerations regarding plastic sponge forceps:


Plastic sponge forceps are primarily made of plastic materials. This makes them lightweight and suitable for single-use applications.

Disposable Design:

Many plastic sponge forceps are designed for single-use to prevent cross-contamination and ensure a sterile environment during surgical procedures.

Jaws or Tips:

The forceps typically have jaws or tips designed to securely hold and manipulate surgical sponges or gauze. The tips may have a textured surface or a mechanism to enhance grip.


Even though they are disposable, some plastic sponge forceps may be sterilized before use. This ensures that they are free from any contaminants or microorganisms.

Variety of Sizes:

Plastic sponge forceps come in various sizes to accommodate different surgical needs and the size of the sponges or gauze being used.

Ease of Use:

They are designed to be easy to handle, facilitating precise placement of sponges or gauze in the surgical field.

Avoidance of Scratching:

The plastic construction helps prevent scratching or damaging delicate surfaces, making them suitable for use in various surgical specialties.


Plastic sponge forceps are commonly used in surgical procedures where the placement and manipulation of sterile sponges or gauze are required. This includes general surgery, gynaecological procedures, and other surgical specialties.

Hemostatic Sponges:

These forceps are often used in conjunction with haemostatic sponges, which are sterile sponges designed to control bleeding during surgery.


They are usually provided in sterile packaging, ensuring their cleanliness and readiness for use in the operating room.

Plastic sponge forceps play a role in maintaining aseptic conditions during surgery and contribute to the overall efficiency of the procedure. While plastic forceps are often disposable, it’s essential to adhere to hospital protocols and guidelines regarding the use, disposal, and sterilization of surgical instruments. The choice of forceps may vary based on the specific requirements of the surgical procedure and the preferences of the surgical team.


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