Portable LED Operation Lamp

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Model Number: NH-94756

Brand: Niche Healthcare

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Product introduction

The LED surgical shadowless lamp is composed of multiple lamp bulb. The bulb has a longer life than the traditional shadowless lamp. It can be round or petal-shaped. It is fixed on the balance arm suspension system. What’s more, it is stable in positioning and can be moved vertically or cyclically to meet different heights during surgery.


Diameter of light head (mm)     720/520

Illumination at 1m (Lux)              40000-160000

Brightness control range             0-100% steeples adjustment

Colour temperature (Kelvin)     3000-6700

Colour rendering index (CRI)     ≥98

Temperature rise (surgeon head)(℃)     ≤0.5

Temperature rise (surgical field)(℃)      ≤1.5

Total irradiance Ee (W/m2)        ≤700+500

Radiant power Ee/Ec (mW/m2lux)         ≤4

Effective focusing depth (cm)   130

Lighting spot size (cm)10-35

L1+L2 depth of illumination (cm)           ≥100

Bulb type            LED

Bulb brand         OSRAM

Bulb quantity    108+54

Bulb power        3

Average bulb life (hours)              ≥60000



The lampshade shell adopts a thin, light and streamlined design, and ABS is integrally formed to achieve the best laminar flow effect and meet the requirements of modern clean laminar flow operating rooms.

The surface of the lamp arm adopts the high-voltage electrostatic spraying process, and the imported environmentally friendly antibacterial plastic powder that used to ensures that the product meets the requirements of surgical hygiene.


Using the original imported LED lamp beads from Osram, Germany, the average service life is as high as 60,000 hours, which is 40 times longer life than halogen lamps.

Under the same brightness, the energy consumption of LED is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps and 1/2 of that of halogen lamps.


Using a new type of LED cold light source, the illuminance can reach 160,000 Lux, which can realize stepless dimming and non[1]multi-speed adjustment; the colour temperature is in the range of 3000K-6700K, and the stepless dimming is non-multi-step adjustment. While meeting the high illuminance, adjust the lighting parameters according to the needs of different surgeons, so that the surgeon’s perception of light is soft and no glint.


The multi-focus design of the reflective bowl is adopted, and 3 luminous bodies are hidden in each reflective bowl. The light source in the reflective bowl is just rightly converged to the surgical area, forming a good shadowless effect.


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