Portable Veterinary Puppy Incubator

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Model Number: NH-30049
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  1. Improved Humidification System – The new water reservoir is placed in the middle of the right sided chamber, easy to refill water and check running status. The new heavy duty ultrasound humidifier ensures an ultra high humidification performance, now the humidity could be increased to 85RH (at 28 Celsius Degrees), which is required by many exotic species.
  2. The visible system also provide easier maintenance access.
  3. Improved Nebulization System – Double air compressor installed in the nebulization system, to ensure a more secured working stability. Even one line get kinked during operation, the other compressor will still provide enough air stream to complete the needed operation.
  4. Accurate Temperature Control – Eliminates hot spots and provides overall consistent temperature throughout.
  5. Accurate Humidity Control – Provides a healthy and balanced environment.
  6. Negative-ion Generation—Augments the Medical Effects of the ICU.
  7. Sterilization Function—Greatly diminishes the possibility of cross-contamination.
  8. Nebulization/Medical Atomization Treatment Function—Making it more convenient to administer full strength medicine.
  9. Carbon Dioxide Concentration Monitoring System—A Defense Line to safe guard patients’ lives.
  10. ICU Illumination Function—Creating a comfortable therapeutic environment.
  11. Setting of Security Mechanism—No worries in use.


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The Portable Veterinary Puppy Incubator offers several healthcare benefits within a veterinary setting:

  1. Temperature Regulation: The incubator provides a controlled environment with adjustable temperature settings, allowing veterinarians to maintain optimal body temperature for newborn puppies. This helps prevent hypothermia and promotes thermoregulation, supporting the health and survival of neonatal puppies, especially those born prematurely or with low birth weights.

  2. Humidity Control: The incubator enables precise control of humidity levels, essential for the respiratory health and hydration of neonatal puppies. Maintaining appropriate humidity levels within the incubator helps prevent dehydration and respiratory distress syndrome, particularly in puppies with underdeveloped lungs.

  3. Isolation and Protection: The portable incubator provides a safe and isolated environment for newborn puppies, protecting them from environmental stressors, pathogens, and potential injuries. It serves as a barrier against drafts, noise, and contamination, reducing the risk of infections and promoting a nurturing environment conducive to growth and development.

  4. Monitoring and Observation: The incubator features transparent panels or windows that allow veterinarians and veterinary staff to monitor the health and behavior of newborn puppies closely. Continuous observation enables early detection of any signs of distress, illness, or developmental abnormalities, facilitating prompt veterinary intervention and treatment as needed.

  5. Facilitation of Nursing Care: The incubator provides a dedicated space for nursing care and feeding of neonatal puppies, allowing for easier access and administration of supportive care, such as supplemental feeding, hydration, and medication administration. It facilitates round-the-clock care by veterinary staff, ensuring the well-being and nutritional needs of newborn puppies are met.

  6. Reduction of Stress: The portable incubator helps reduce stress for both neonatal puppies and their caregivers by providing a comfortable and stable environment for recovery and growth. It minimizes handling and disturbances, allowing puppies to rest undisturbed and conserve energy for essential physiological processes, such as digestion and immune function.

  7. Enhanced Survival Rates: By providing optimal conditions for neonatal care, including temperature regulation, humidity control, isolation, and monitoring, the portable incubator contributes to enhanced survival rates for newborn puppies, especially those born under challenging circumstances or with medical complications. It improves the chances of successful outcomes and healthy development for puppies requiring intensive care in a veterinary setting.

  8. Support for Veterinary Emergency Care: The portable incubator is particularly valuable for veterinary hospitals and emergency clinics, where rapid intervention and intensive care may be required for neonatal puppies in critical condition. It enables veterinary teams to provide timely and specialized care for neonatal emergencies, improving the prognosis and quality of life for affected puppies.


Technical Data

Packing size
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0.375 CBM


Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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