Premature Baby Incubator for NICU & SCBU

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Brand Name: Niche Healthcare
Model Number: NH-45342
Power Source: Electric
Warranty: 1 Year
Application: NICU, SCBU, Neonatal, HDU
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Material: Metal
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Function: Premature Care, Special Care, Pre-term, Term babies
Quality Certification: CE, ISO
Instrument classification: Class II
Safety standard: 60601
Electrical requirement: ~220V 50HZ
Heater power: 550VA
Air mode temp. range: 25.0℃~ 37.0℃
Skin mode temp. range: 34.0℃~ 37.0℃
Air mode temp. alarm: <38.0℃
Skin mode temp. alarm: 37.1℃38.0℃
Air mode high temp. range: 37.1℃~39.0℃
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Features premature baby incubator

LCD touch screen, menu operation;

Added with O2 concentration control system;

With humidity control system;

Servo controlled temperature system by micro-computer;

Control mode: Air temp and skin temp;

With 72 hours temperature/humidity/O2 concentration record function, displayed by curve chart;

Integrated sensor box, combining air temp/skin temp/ humidity/O2 concentration sensor;

Independent air temperature display, independent over temperature alarm;

Self-check alarms: Power failure, over temperature, temperature deviation, air circulation failure, temperature sensor failure, humidity deviation, low water level, chamber over temperature, oxygen concentration deviation;

The inclination of infant bed is stepless adjustable;

X-ray cassette under the bed;

With double-wall hood, front and back door both can open,with independent locking function;

Added with floodlight, convenient for examination or evening observation;

With cabinet and guardrail;

With O2 inlet;

>37℃ temperature setting;

Electric humidifier, removable for cleaning;

With transfusion shelf and tray;

With RS-232 connector;

Optional accessories: LED phototherapy unit, baby scale, foot control electric lift.

Why are babies admitted to neonatal care at full term?

There are a variety of reasons why full term babies need to be cared for on a neonatal unit.

According to the Bliss-supported NHS England programme, which looked at reducing the number of term admissions on to a neonatal unit, the five most common reasons were:

  • Respiratory conditions (about 25 per cent of all term admissions)
  • Infection (about 18 per cent of all term admissions)
  • Hypoglycaemia – this is where a baby has low levels of glucose in their blood (almost 12 per cent of all term admissions)
  • Jaundice (around 6 per cent of all term admissions)
    • 81 per cent of these babies received phototherapy
    • 33 per cent received intravenous fluids
    • 1.6 per cent received a blood transfusion
  • Asphyxia (HIE) (2.5 per cent of all term admissions)

Who Can Visit the NICU?

Parents can visit and spend time with their babies who stay in the NICU. Other family members might be able to visit, but only during set hours and only a few at a time. Children visiting the NICU must be well (not sick) and should have all their immunizations. Check with the hospital staff about which family members can see your baby.

Some units require guests to wear hospital gowns. You may need to wear gloves and a mask.

Everyone who comes into the NICU must wash their hands before they enter. (There will be a sink and antibacterial soap in the room and near the entrance of the NICU.) This is a crucial part of keeping the NICU as clean as possible so the babies aren’t exposed to germs.

You may be tempted to bring toys, decorations, or other items in your baby’s room, but check with the nurse first. If allowed, these things should be easy to clean (no stuffed animals). Some hospitals let parents tape pictures or other decorations to the outside of a baby’s incubator.,others%20stay%20weeks%20or%20months.


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