Progesteron Dog Test Analyser

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Model Number: NH-30043
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  1. 7inch LCD touch screen
  2. LIS/HIS connection
  3. Memory:100000 test
  4. ID card reader


This analyzer has the advantages of high accuracy, strong stability, being fast and low cost. It can be used widely in many areas, such as in disease diagnosis and surveillance, health care, food inspection and quarantine, ect.



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The Canine Veterinary POCT (Point-of-Care Testing) Progesterone Dog Test Analyzer offers several healthcare benefits within a veterinary setting:

  1. Improved Reproductive Management: The progesterone test analyzer provides veterinarians with rapid and accurate measurements of progesterone levels in female dogs. This helps optimize reproductive management by identifying the most fertile period for mating or artificial insemination, increasing the likelihood of successful conception and pregnancy.

  2. Enhanced Breeding Efficiency: By precisely determining the timing of ovulation and optimal breeding windows, the progesterone test analyzer improves breeding efficiency in dogs. This allows breeders to plan mating schedules more effectively, reducing the need for repeated mating attempts and associated costs, and maximizing the chances of successful breeding outcomes.

  3. Prevention of Reproductive Disorders: Early detection of hormonal imbalances or irregularities in progesterone levels can aid in the prevention and management of reproductive disorders in female dogs. The test analyzer enables veterinarians to monitor reproductive health closely, identify potential issues promptly, and intervene with appropriate treatments or interventions to maintain optimal reproductive function.

  4. Cost Savings for Pet Owners: The availability of on-site progesterone testing reduces the need for referral to external laboratories and associated delays in obtaining test results. This results in cost savings for pet owners by eliminating the expense of additional veterinary visits and laboratory fees, while also expediting the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive conditions.

  5. Minimized Stress for Animals: Performing progesterone testing on-site minimizes the need for repeated veterinary visits or sample collection procedures, reducing stress and discomfort for female dogs. This promotes their welfare by minimizing handling and transportation stress, ensuring a more comfortable and less invasive testing experience within the veterinary clinic.

  6. Enhanced Client Satisfaction: The availability of progesterone testing in-house enhances client satisfaction by providing a convenient and comprehensive reproductive healthcare service. Pet owners appreciate the convenience of obtaining timely test results and personalized reproductive management advice from their veterinary team, leading to improved communication, trust, and satisfaction with veterinary care.

  7. Facilitation of Timely Interventions: The progesterone test analyzer enables veterinarians to monitor hormonal changes throughout the estrous cycle and make timely interventions as needed. This may include adjusting breeding schedules, administering hormone therapies, or performing assisted reproductive techniques to address reproductive challenges and maximize breeding success rates.


Technical Data

Display screen      
7 inch high resolution LCD Touch screen
Test method
Lateral chromatography
Chinese, English, French, Russian
Test Specimen
Whole blood, serum, plasma, urine and feces
Serial Port, USB, Ethernet network
Relative Deviation≤10%
Built – in thermal printer
Power supply


Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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