PVA Cellulose Eye Spears

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Model Number: NH-58744

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Made of polyvinyl acetal (PVA) material, which is highly absorbent, fast wicking and lint free.

Designed to provide the surgeon with superior fibre- free products for fluid control.

5pcs/aluminum foil bag


Cat No.




Eye Spears



Eye spears, also known as eye sponges or eye spears with medication, are specialized medical devices used in ophthalmic procedures for the management of eye conditions and during eye surgeries. These devices are designed to provide a controlled and sterile environment for the application of medications, to protect the eye, and to assist in various ophthalmic procedures.

Key features and uses of eye spears include:

Material: Eye spears are typically made of soft, sterile, and lint-free materials. They are designed to be gentle on the delicate tissues of the eye.

Sterility: Eye spears are sterile to prevent the introduction of microorganisms into the eye during procedures.

Absorbent Properties: The spears are often highly absorbent, allowing them to absorb excess fluids, medications, or debris from the eye.

Shape and Size: They come in various shapes and sizes to suit different ophthalmic applications. Common shapes include oval or crescent, and sizes may vary based on the specific use.

Medication Application: Some eye spears come preloaded or presoaked with medications. This allows for controlled and precise application of medications to the eye during procedures.

Protection and Isolation: Eye spears can be used to isolate certain areas of the eye during surgery, protect the eye from inadvertent contact, and provide a controlled environment for the application of medications.

Surgical Procedures: Eye spears are often used in various ophthalmic surgical procedures, such as cataract surgery, corneal surgery, or other interventions requiring a clear and controlled surgical field.

It’s important to note that eye spears are specific to ophthalmic use and are part of the broader array of specialized instruments and devices used in eye care and surgery. These devices contribute to maintaining a sterile environment, facilitating precise application of medications, and ensuring optimal conditions during ophthalmic procedures.

The use of eye spears is typically within the scope of trained ophthalmic professionals, including ophthalmic surgeons and nurses, who follow established protocols and guidelines for eye care and surgery.


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