Radial Artery Compression

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Model Number: NH-39111

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Radial artery compression device is used to achieve haemostasis after the radial arterial catheterization.


Radial Artery Compression Device
Radial artery compression device is used to achieve haemostasis after the radial arterial catheterization.
Unique design for radial artery haemostasis post percutaneous puncture.
Transparent fixed plates ensures clear visual control.
Soft flannel belt with special Velcro provides a firm but comfortable fixation under tension.
Silicone rubber pad keeps a stable and uniform pressure on the surface.

A Radial Artery Compression Device is a medical tool designed to assist in the management of vascular access sites, particularly after cardiac catheterization or angiography procedures that involve the radial artery in the wrist. The device is typically a wristband or strap that’s wrapped snugly around the patient’s wrist and is equipped with an inflatable bladder or similar mechanism.

Key features and purposes of a Radial Artery Compression Device include:

  1. Haemostasis: After a procedure involving the radial artery, it’s essential to achieve haemostasis, which means stopping any bleeding and preventing hematoma formation. The device applies controlled and localized pressure to the radial artery, helping to seal the puncture site and prevent post-procedure bleeding.

  2. Patient Comfort: Radial artery access is preferred in some cases because it tends to be more comfortable for patients compared to other arterial access points. The compression device allows patients to maintain their wrist in a comfortable position during the recovery period.

  3. Reduced Complications: It helps reduce the risk of complications such as hematoma, pseudoaneurysm, or arterial occlusion associated with radial artery access.

  4. Shorter Recovery Time: The use of a Radial Artery Compression Device can often lead to shorter post-procedure recovery times and allow patients to sit up and move around sooner.

  5. Adjustable Pressure: The pressure applied by the device is typically adjustable and can be monitored to ensure that it’s within safe and effective limits.

These devices are widely used in hospitals and medical facilities to enhance patient comfort and safety following procedures involving radial artery access. They contribute to the overall success and safety of cardiovascular interventions.


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