RKU10 Vet Ultrasound Scanner

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Model Number: NH-31054
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  1. Net weight:1.1kg. Smart and light.

  2. High-capacity lithium Battery ,more than 6 hours work.

  3. Standard configuration 1 pc of sunshine cover, suitable for use in outdoor strong sunshine.

  4. Available for left/right hand alternative use, eliminating operate fatigue.

  5. Multiple use method: hand-held, chest hanging, back hanging , waist hanging, etc.

  6. Optional professional ultrasound goggle, convenient for outdoor use, meet different need.

  7. Sophisticated craft, have soft rubber coat, splash-proof, dust-proof.

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The Multilanguage Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner for Cows and Horses offers several healthcare benefits in veterinary practice:

  1. Improved Communication: Supports multiple languages, enabling veterinarians to interact with clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds more effectively, leading to clearer communication and better understanding of medical recommendations and procedures.

  2. Ease of Use: Allows veterinary staff who are proficient in different languages to operate the ultrasound scanner without language barriers, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing the risk of errors during examinations.

  3. Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Provides a personalized experience for clients by offering veterinary consultations and explanations in their preferred language, leading to increased client satisfaction and trust in the veterinary practice.

  4. Global Accessibility: Facilitates veterinary care in multicultural environments or regions with diverse language populations, ensuring access to quality healthcare services for all animal patients, regardless of language proficiency.

  5. Training and Education: Supports veterinary education and training programs by allowing students and interns to access instructional materials and operate the ultrasound scanner in their preferred language, fostering learning and skill development.

  6. Compliance with Regulations: Helps veterinary practices comply with regulatory requirements related to language access and patient communication, ensuring adherence to standards of care and ethical guidelines.

  7. International Collaboration: Enables collaboration and knowledge sharing among veterinary professionals across different linguistic regions, promoting best practices and advancements in veterinary medicine on a global scale.


Technical Data

adopt 5.7″ high resolution LED display, with High brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle, suitable for outdoor use
Display mode
B,2B,4B ,B/M,M
100 frames permanent storage
Cine loop
256 frames
Normal measurement      
Distance, circumference, area (trochoid or ellipse), volume, etc.
Cardio measurement
Depth, slope, heart rate, cycle
OB measurement
Cattle, dogs, horses, pig, cats, goats, camels and sheep and pre-gestational age birth
Specifical for Swine
Back-fat and lean automatic calculation function /span
Grid measurement
6 different(none,point grid,line grid, 10mm point ruler, 2mm point ruler, 10mm&2mm point ruler)


Product Details of Kaixin KX5200 Veterinary Ultrasound

Standard Configuration
Main unit: 1 pc
6.5MHz linear rectal probe : 1 pc
Power adapter: 1 pc
Internal lithium battery: 1pc
Soft rubber coat: 1pc
Sunshine cover : 1 unit (A,B,C three sections adjustable)
Black plastic suitcase : 1 pc
Base Charger, belt, probe socket spatula: 1 pc for each
Optional Configuration
4.0Mhz multi-frequency convex rectal Probe
6.5MHz multi-frequency micro-convex probe
3.5MHz multi-frequency convex probe
7.5MHz multi-frequency linear probe7.5MHz multi-frequency linear
3.5MHz Backfat probe
Thermal printer (P93W-S)
Lithium Battery (5200mAH)
Leather Case saddlebag



Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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