Salted HMEF

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A Salted Heat and Moisture Exchange Filter (HMEF) is a medical device used in respiratory therapy and mechanical ventilation to provide humidification and filtration of inhaled air for patients with artificial airways, such as those with tracheostomies or on ventilators.

Model Number – NH-89076

Brand – Niche Healthcare



Dead space: 40ml
Tidal volume range: 150-1500ml
Pressure drop@30LPM: 100Pa
Moisture output: 38mg@500VT
Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): 99.999%
Viral filtration efficiency (VFE): 99.999%
Connector: 22M/15F – 22F/15M
Gas monitoring: with
Weight: 31g
Material: K-resin + salted paper filter


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