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Sample cups match with Thermo Fisher Indiko & Indiko Plus Analyzer.


Sample cups play a crucial role in healthcare environments, particularly in laboratories and medical facilities where specimen collection, processing, and analysis are routine tasks. Here are some benefits of using sample cups:

  1. Accurate Sample Measurement: Sample cups are designed to hold precise volumes of liquid or solid samples. This ensures accurate measurements, which is critical for diagnostic testing and research.

  2. Standardization of Sample Size: Using standardized sample cups helps maintain consistency in sample sizes. This is important for achieving reliable and reproducible results in laboratory analyses.

  3. Minimization of Contamination: Sample cups can be manufactured from materials that are resistant to contamination and do not interfere with the properties of the sample. This helps ensure the integrity of the collected samples.

  4. Convenience in Handling: Sample cups are often designed with features that facilitate easy handling, such as ergonomic shapes, lids, and labeling options. This contributes to efficient and safe sample collection and processing.

  5. Compatibility with Automated Systems: Many laboratories use automated systems for sample processing and analysis. Sample cups are often designed to be compatible with these systems, allowing for seamless integration and increased throughput.

  6. Versatility in Sample Types: Sample cups can accommodate various types of samples, including liquids, powders, and granular materials. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in healthcare, from blood and urine analysis to tissue and culture samples.

  7. Reduced Risk of Sample Spillage: Sample cups with secure lids or covers help minimize the risk of sample spillage during transportation and processing. This is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment and avoiding potential contamination.

  8. Enhanced Sample Identification: Many sample cups come with options for labeling or barcoding, enabling accurate sample identification. This is essential for traceability, especially in high-throughput laboratories dealing with large numbers of samples.

  9. Cost-Effective Solutions: Sample cups are often cost-effective compared to other sample collection and storage options. Their disposable nature can also reduce the need for extensive cleaning and sterilization processes.

  10. Customization for Specific Applications: Manufacturers often offer a variety of sample cup designs to meet specific laboratory requirements. This includes features such as graduated markings, different materials, and compatibility with various analytical instruments.

  11. Compliance with Safety Standards: Sample cups can be designed to meet safety standards and regulations, ensuring that they are suitable for use in healthcare environments where quality and safety are paramount.

In summary, sample cups contribute to the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of sample handling and analysis in healthcare settings. Their versatility and compatibility with automated systems make them valuable tools for laboratories and medical facilities conducting a wide range of diagnostic and research activities.


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Sample Cups match with Thermo Fisher Indiko & Indiko Plus Analyzer
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