Sealed Medicine Envelope Bag

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Model Number: NH-94756

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

Made of 100% LDPE, used for Medicine packing. Different size, thickness and printing.

One side or two sides printing, 100pcs/pk


A medicine envelope bag is a small, sealed container or pouch designed to hold and protect medications. These bags are often used for the packaging and distribution of prescription medications, especially in pharmacies or healthcare facilities. Here are some key features and purposes of medicine envelope bags:

Packaging and Dispensing:

Medicine envelope bags are commonly used by pharmacies to package prescription medications for individual patients. The bags provide a secure and hygienic way to dispense medications.

Patient Identification:

Many medicine envelope bags have sections for patient information, including the patient’s name, prescription details, and instructions for use. This helps ensure that the right medication is provided to the correct individual.

Security and Tamper-Evident Features:

Medicine envelope bags often come with tamper-evident features, such as adhesive seals or perforations. These features help detect if the bag has been opened or tampered with, ensuring the integrity of the medication.


The use of medicine envelope bags helps protect the privacy of patients by providing a discreet and sealed container for their medications. This is particularly important for sensitive or confidential prescriptions.

Material and Durability:

These bags are typically made of materials that provide protection against environmental factors, such as moisture and light, to maintain the stability of the medications. Common materials include paper, plastic, or a combination of both.

Size and Capacity:

Medicine envelope bags come in various sizes to accommodate different quantities and types of medications. Some may be designed for single-dose medications, while others can hold multiple prescriptions.

Printed Information:

The bags may have pre-printed information, including the pharmacy’s name and contact details, medication details, dosage instructions, and any relevant warnings.

Easy Opening and Closing:

The design of the bag usually allows for easy opening and reclosing, allowing patients to access their medications while maintaining the integrity of the packaging.

Compliance with Regulations:

Medicine envelope bags must comply with local healthcare regulations and standards to ensure that they meet safety and quality requirements.


Some pharmacies or healthcare facilities may customize medicine envelope bags with their branding, logos, or additional information for branding purposes.

It’s important for pharmacies and healthcare providers to use high-quality medicine envelope bags to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of patients when dispensing medications. Compliance with regulations and standards is essential to maintain the quality of medication packaging and to meet the expectations of healthcare authorities.


Infection Control in Healthcare Environments

Infection Control in Healthcare Environments.


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