Shower Chair With Back

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Model Number: NH-98793

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Shower chairs with back are specially designed for the elderly and pregnant women, which can be used in hospitals as well as daily homes.
  • Material: Aluminium frame(thickness:1.25MM)anodizing                                       
  • Backrest: HEPE,38.5*22.5cm  
  • Height:69cm-86cm 
  • Non slip rubber tips 
  • Each accessory into PE bag 
  • Package: polybag+ double corrugated paperboard export carton                                 
  • Max capacity:120KG
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A shower chair with a back is a type of bath seat designed to provide stability, support, and comfort for individuals while showering. The addition of a backrest on the chair offers extra support for individuals who may need assistance with balance or those who prefer to have back support during bathing. This type of chair is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility challenges, seniors, or those recovering from surgery.

Key features of a shower chair with a back include:

  • Backrest: The chair is equipped with an integrated backrest to provide users with additional support and comfort while seated in the shower.
  • Material: Shower chairs with backs are typically made of water-resistant materials such as plastic, aluminium, or stainless steel to withstand the humid and wet conditions in the bathroom.
  • Comfortable Seating: The seat may have a contoured or textured surface for comfort, and some models include armrests for added support.
  • Adjustable Height: Many shower chairs with backs offer adjustable height settings to accommodate different user preferences or specific needs.
  • Secure Construction: The chair is designed to be stable with non-slip rubber tips or suction cups on the legs to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.
  • Removability: Some models are designed to be easily removable for cleaning purposes or for households where multiple users share the same bathroom.
  • Weight Capacity: Consider the weight capacity of the shower chair with a back to ensure it can safely support the intended user. Manufacturers typically provide weight capacity information.
  • Installation: Shower chairs with backs are generally easy to install. They may come with adjustable brackets or clamps to secure the chair to the sides of the bathtub or the shower floor.

Using a shower chair with a back can enhance safety and provide individuals with greater comfort and support during bathing. When selecting a model, consider the specific needs of the user, the dimensions of the shower, and any other relevant factors. Proper installation and use, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, are crucial for safety and effectiveness. If there are specific health concerns, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or an occupational therapist for personalized guidance.


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