Sidearm Incubation Flasks

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Sidearm Incubation Flasks, 10ml


Sidearm incubation flasks, also known as baffled flasks or spinner flasks, are specialized laboratory containers designed for cell culture and fermentation processes. They have a unique design that allows for optimal growth conditions for cells in suspension. These flasks are commonly used in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and research laboratories.

Here are some key features and aspects of sidearm incubation flasks:

Design: Sidearm incubation flasks typically have a cylindrical body with a sidearm or side neck attached to the main flask. The sidearm allows for the introduction of gases, such as oxygen or carbon dioxide, and the removal of waste gases. The design is intended to provide better aeration and agitation of the cell culture.

Baffles: Many sidearm incubation flasks have baffles on the inner surface. Baffles are indentations or projections inside the flask that help improve mixing and prevent the formation of dead zones where cells may settle. This promotes better oxygen and nutrient distribution throughout the culture.

Materials: These flasks are often made of borosilicate glass or plastic materials like polycarbonate or polypropylene. The choice of material depends on factors such as the type of cells being cultured, the specific application, and the need for transparency.

Volume and Size: Sidearm incubation flasks come in various sizes, ranging from small volumes suitable for research-scale experiments to larger volumes used in industrial-scale processes. The size of the flask depends on the specific requirements of the cell culture or fermentation process.

Closure and Sealing: The flasks typically come with a screw cap or other closure mechanism to seal the contents and maintain a controlled environment inside the flask. The closures may have filters to allow for gas exchange while preventing contamination.

Agitation and Stirring: Some sidearm incubation flasks are designed to be used with external stirring or agitation systems. Magnetic stir bars or impellers can be introduced through the sidearm to facilitate mixing of the cell culture.

Sterility: Many sidearm incubation flasks are autoclavable, allowing for sterilization before use to create a sterile environment for cell culture or fermentation.

These flasks are especially useful for applications involving mammalian cell cultures, microbial fermentations, and other processes where agitation and aeration are crucial for cell growth and productivity. The sidearm design enhances the efficiency of these processes, making sidearm incubation flasks a valuable tool in biotechnology and life sciences research.


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