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Model Number: NH-20403

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Siemens C-Arm Cover Set offers complete C-arm protection, creating a high-level barrier sterility zone between equipment and the operating zone.
This C-arm medical equipment cover is compatible with Siemens Siremobil Iso-C, ISo-C3D, Arcadis Orbic and Orbic 3D equipment.

The clear drape comes in two parts and has dimensions of:

  • Top: 51/82 x 130 cm
  • Bottom: 53/46 x 134 cm
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  1. Real-Time Imaging: C-arm systems provide real-time, high-quality imaging during surgical and interventional procedures. This allows healthcare professionals to visualize anatomical structures, guide interventions, and make real-time decisions.

  2. Improved Precision: The detailed and dynamic imaging capabilities of C-arm systems contribute to improved precision during procedures. This is especially valuable in orthopedic surgeries, vascular interventions, and other procedures that require accurate visualization.

  3. Versatility: C-arm sets and accessories may include different components to enhance the versatility of the system. This can include specialized detectors, imaging modes, or positioning aids, allowing healthcare professionals to adapt the system to various procedures.

  4. Reduced Radiation Exposure: Modern C-arm systems often incorporate technologies to minimize radiation exposure to both patients and healthcare professionals. This is crucial for maintaining safety in the operating room or interventional suite.

  5. Ease of Positioning: C-arm systems are designed to be highly maneuverable, allowing for flexible positioning during procedures. This flexibility is essential for achieving optimal imaging angles without disrupting the surgical or interventional workflow.

  6. Integration with Other Technologies: C-arm sets may be part of a larger imaging and surgical navigation system. Integration with other technologies, such as navigation systems or robotic platforms, can enhance procedural accuracy and efficiency.

  7. Quick Image Acquisition: C-arm systems offer rapid image acquisition, enabling healthcare professionals to obtain images quickly during procedures. This is advantageous for time-sensitive interventions and surgeries.

  8. Enhanced Visualization: The high-resolution imaging capabilities of C-arm systems contribute to enhanced visualization of soft tissues, vessels, and bony structures. This is particularly beneficial in procedures where precise anatomical details are critical.

  9. Minimally Invasive Procedures: C-arm-guided procedures often enable minimally invasive approaches, reducing the need for open surgeries. This can lead to faster recovery times, reduced postoperative pain, and shorter hospital stays for patients.

  10. Dynamic Imaging Modes: C-arm systems typically offer various imaging modes, including fluoroscopy and digital subtraction angiography (DSA), allowing healthcare professionals to select the most suitable mode for the procedure at hand.

  11. Workflow Efficiency: The integration of C-arm systems into the surgical or interventional workflow contributes to overall efficiency in the operating room. Real-time imaging facilitates decision-making and procedural adjustments as needed.

  12. Training and Education: C-arm systems can be valuable tools for training and education in medical institutions. They allow medical professionals to observe and learn from live procedures, enhancing their skills and knowledge.


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Siemens C-arm Drape Set, Top: 51/82 x 130 cm, Bottom: 53/46 x 134 cm


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