Silicone Ambu Bag with Accessories

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Model Number: NH-13621

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Silicone ambu bag is made of silicon and transparent polysulfone, latex free components, designed with higher levels of oxygen delivery and pre-fitted components in quick-to-open packaging, provide fast effective care, even in the most difficult situations.



A Silicone Ambu Bag, or manual resuscitator, is a medical device designed to provide positive pressure ventilation to individuals who are not breathing adequately or have stopped breathing. Here are several healthcare benefits associated with the use of Silicone Ambu Bags in the National Health Service (NHS) and similar healthcare settings:

  1. Emergency Respiratory Support: Silicone Ambu Bags are essential for delivering immediate respiratory support during emergencies. They are used when a patient is in respiratory distress, experiencing respiratory failure, or undergoing resuscitation efforts.

  2. Manual Ventilation: The Ambu bag allows healthcare providers to manually ventilate a patient by delivering positive pressure breaths. This is critical when a patient is unable to breathe spontaneously or requires assistance in maintaining adequate ventilation.

  3. Versatility: Silicone Ambu Bags are suitable for use with both adults and pediatric patients. They often come with various sizes of masks and are adaptable to a range of patient populations.

  4. Reusable and Autoclavable: Silicone Ambu Bags are typically reusable and autoclavable, allowing for repeated use after proper sterilization. This can contribute to cost-effectiveness and reduced environmental impact compared to disposable options.

  5. Durability: Silicone Ambu Bags are known for their durability and resilience. The material can withstand repeated use and sterilization, making it a reliable choice for healthcare providers.

  6. Portability and Readiness: Ambu bags are portable and do not require a power source, making them readily available for use in various healthcare settings, including ambulances, emergency rooms, and wards.

  7. Ease of Use: The design of Silicone Ambu Bags is user-friendly, allowing healthcare providers to quickly and effectively administer positive pressure ventilation. The bags typically have clear markings and indicators for proper use.

  8. Compatibility with Oxygen Sources: Silicone Ambu Bags can be connected to an oxygen source to deliver oxygen-enriched breaths. This is valuable for providing supplemental oxygen to patients who require it during manual ventilation.

  9. Reduced Risk of Cross-Contamination: While silicone bags themselves are reusable, other components, such as masks and valves, may be disposable. Proper sterilization practices help reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients.

  10. Immediate Response in Critical Situations: Silicone Ambu Bags facilitate a rapid response in critical situations where immediate ventilation is required. This is particularly important in emergencies such as cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, or trauma.

  11. Integration with Airways and Masks: Ambu bags are compatible with various airways and masks, allowing healthcare providers to choose the appropriate size and type based on the patient’s age and condition.

  12. Training Tool: Silicone Ambu Bags are commonly used as training tools for healthcare professionals to practice and enhance their skills in manual ventilation techniques. Training with Ambu bags is crucial for ensuring competence in emergency respiratory care.

  13. Supplemental Ventilation in Transport: Ambu bags are essential for providing ventilation during patient transport, such as in ambulances or when transferring patients between healthcare facilities.

  14. Adaptability to Patient Needs: The reusable nature of Silicone Ambu Bags allows for customization based on patient needs. Providers can select appropriate accessories, such as different mask sizes, to accommodate a wide range of patients.

In summary, Silicone Ambu Bags are valuable devices for manual ventilation, providing immediate respiratory support in emergency situations. Their durability, reusability, and adaptability make them essential tools in respiratory care in healthcare settings like the NHS. Proper cleaning, sterilization, and adherence to infection control protocols are crucial for their safe and effective use.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case
NH-13621 Silicone Ambu Bag adult with accessories: oxygen tubing, reservior bag and silicone mask 5#, 24
NH-13622 Silicone Ambu Bag pediatric with accessories: oxygen tubing, reservior bag and silicone mask 2# 24
NH-13623 Silicone Ambu Bag infant with accessories: oxygen tubing, reservior bag and silicone mask 1# 24


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