Silicone Bulb Drainage 400cc

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Model Number: NH-678543

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Our silicone bulb drainage and silicone flat drain is made of 100% silicone, for closed wound drainage. Designed specifically for smaller procedures where less exudate is anticipated. Available in 100cc, 200cc and 400cc capacities. With trocar or without. Can be packed as kit.


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Silicone Bulb Drainage 400cc



A silicone bulb drainage system with a capacity of 400cc likely refers to a medical device used for postoperative or post-procedural drainage. These systems are commonly employed to remove fluids, such as blood or other exudates, from a surgical site or a body cavity. The silicone bulb, also known as a Jackson-Pratt (JP) drain or a bulb suction drain, is a type of closed drainage system.

Key features of a silicone bulb drainage system include:

Silicone Bulb Reservoir: The silicone bulb itself is a soft, compressible reservoir that provides suction when squeezed. It has a one-way valve that allows fluids to be drawn into the bulb and prevents them from flowing back into the patient.

Tubing: The silicone bulb is connected to a length of tubing that extends from the surgical site or body cavity. The tubing allows fluids to be evacuated from the wound area and into the bulb reservoir.

Connector: The tubing is typically attached to a connector or a collection chamber, which may contain markings to measure the volume of fluid collected.

Emptying and Measurement: The healthcare provider can periodically empty the contents of the silicone bulb, measure the volume of collected fluid, and then re-compress the bulb to resume suction.

Suture or Anchor: The silicone bulb drainage system is often secured in place with sutures or another anchoring method to prevent accidental dislodgement.

These drainage systems are commonly used after surgical procedures, particularly in surgeries where the accumulation of fluid at the surgical site is expected. The suction provided by the silicone bulb helps prevent the accumulation of excess fluid, which could hinder the healing process.

The 400cc capacity refers to the maximum volume that the silicone bulb can hold before it needs to be emptied. Monitoring the drainage output is an important aspect of postoperative care, as it provides valuable information about the healing process and helps identify any issues such as bleeding or infection.

It’s important to note that the use of drainage systems and the management of postoperative care are medical procedures performed by healthcare professionals. Patients are typically provided with specific instructions on caring for the drainage system and when to seek medical attention if there are concerns or changes in the drainage characteristics.


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