Laboratory Slide Storage Cabinet

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Model Number: NH-49613

Brand: Niche Healthcare

This slide storage cabinet is an ideal solution for the safe, long-term storage of slide specimens. 
The slide storage cabinet with 12layers cabinets, each cabinet into 6 drawers. Each cabinet(6 drawers) holds up to 5000 standard 1’’x3’’microscope slide, for a total loading more than 60000pcs of regular sized microscope slides.


72 Drawers
(12 layers*6 grid, plus a base)
Loading: 760*72=54720 pcs glass slides
18 Drawers
(3 layers*6 grid, plus a base)
Loading: 12000 pcs paraffin bock
18 Drawers
(3 layers*6 grid, plus a base) Loading: 4536 or 9072 pcs glass slides
Cold-rolled steel plate.
Surface Treatment: Degrease oil, Table regulator, Zinc parkerising , Passivation, Powder spraying
Specialized slide drawer, ABS slide plate
Made by special mold
Mark Groove
Integration forming
External Size(W*D*H)
Package Size(W*D*H)
490*590*430mm, 3pcs;
490*590*555mm, 1pc
530*570*440 mm, 3pcs;
530*570*565mm, 1pc
530*570*440 mm, 3pcs;
530*570*565mm, 1pc
Gross Weight
32kg, 3pcs; 36kg, 1pc
29kg, 3pcs; 33kg, 1pc
27kg, 3pcs; 31kg, 1pc


A slide storage cabinet is a specialized piece of laboratory equipment designed for the organized and secure storage of microscope slides. These cabinets typically feature multiple drawers or compartments, each designed to hold individual slides. The construction of these cabinets may include materials that protect slides from environmental factors, such as dust or humidity, to ensure the longevity and preservation of specimens.

Key features of slide storage cabinets include:

  • Organization: The cabinets are designed to facilitate systematic organization of microscope slides, making it easy to categorize and locate specific specimens.
  • Drawer Configuration: The drawers often have dividers or racks to hold slides in an upright position, preventing them from touching or scratching against each other.
  • Capacity: Slide storage cabinets come in various sizes and capacities, accommodating different quantities of slides based on the specific needs of the laboratory or user.
  • Material: Cabinets are typically constructed from durable materials to provide protection against environmental elements and potential damage to the slides.
  • Security: Some cabinets may have locking mechanisms to secure valuable or sensitive slide collections.
  • Labelling: Many cabinets have provisions for labelling or indexing, allowing users to easily identify the content of each drawer or compartment.
  • Compatibility: Slide storage cabinets are designed to accommodate standard-sized microscope slides commonly used in laboratory settings.

These cabinets are essential for maintaining the integrity of slide collections, ensuring that they remain in optimal condition for future reference, research, or educational purposes. Whether in research laboratories, educational institutions, or clinical settings, the efficient storage and retrieval of microscope slides are crucial for the smooth operation of various scientific and medical activities.


Laboratory Medical Equipment

Laboratory Medical Equipment


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