Specimen Transport Bag

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model number – NH-61020

Brand – Niche Healthcare

The specimen transport bag is made of high quality LDPE material  for durable yet flexible strength.

3 walls or 4 walls construction including one specimen pouch with zip-lock and one attached pouch to place the document. Therefore keeping paperwork dry and easy to get to during transit.

The reclosable bag protects health-care personnel from specimen leaks. The document pouch prevents the patient information from being misplaced or compromised Customized size and priting are available.



Cat. No. Description Qty/Case(pcs)
NH-61020 Specimen Bags, 3walls, 4”x6” 3000
NH-61202 Specimen Bags, 3walls, 6”x6” 3000
NH-61203 Specimen Bags, 3walls, 6”x8” 2000
NH-61204 Specimen Bags, 3walls, 6”x9” 2000
NH-61205 Specimen Bags,3walls, 6”x10” 2000
NH-61206 Specimen Bags,3walls, 8”x10” 2000
NH-61207 Specimen Bags,3walls, 9”x12” 2000
NH-61208 Specimen Bags, 4walls, 6”x8” 2000
NH-61209 Specimen Bags, 4walls, 6”x9” 2000


Specimen bags play a crucial role in a hospital environment, particularly in the context of handling and transporting medical specimens. Here are some benefits of using specimen bags:

  1. Containment and Isolation: Specimen bags are designed to securely contain and isolate biological specimens. This helps prevent cross-contamination between different samples and ensures the integrity of the specimen for accurate testing.

  2. Biohazard Protection: Many medical specimens, such as blood or tissue samples, can be potentially hazardous due to the presence of infectious agents. Specimen bags are often labeled as biohazard bags, indicating that they meet specific safety standards for handling potentially infectious materials.

  3. Compliance with Regulations: The use of specimen bags helps healthcare facilities comply with regulatory guidelines and standards for the proper handling and transportation of medical specimens. This is crucial for maintaining patient safety and ensuring the accuracy of diagnostic testing.

  4. Security and Tamper-Evidence: Specimen bags often come with features like sealable closures and tamper-evident mechanisms. This ensures that once a specimen is collected and placed in the bag, it remains secure and any tampering can be easily detected.

  5. Documentation and Labeling: Specimen bags typically have areas for labeling and documentation. This allows healthcare professionals to clearly identify the specimen, provide essential information (such as patient details, date, and time of collection), and track the specimen throughout its journey from collection to testing.

  6. Convenience and Organization: Using specimen bags helps in organizing and streamlining the workflow within a hospital or laboratory setting. Properly labeled and contained specimens are easier to locate, transport, and track, reducing the likelihood of errors in specimen handling.

  7. Preservation of Specimen Integrity: Specimen bags are designed to protect specimens from external factors that could compromise their integrity, such as contamination, temperature changes, or physical damage during transportation.

  8. Standardization: Specimen bags provide a standardized and uniform method for collecting and transporting samples. This helps in creating consistency in specimen handling procedures across different departments and healthcare facilities.

  9. Environmental Safety: Proper disposal of specimen bags, especially those labeled as biohazardous, ensures the safe handling of potentially infectious materials, contributing to environmental safety practices.

In summary, specimen bags are an essential tool in maintaining the quality and safety of medical specimens within a hospital environment. They contribute to the accuracy of diagnostic testing, help prevent the spread of infectious agents, and facilitate the efficient organization and tracking of specimens within healthcare facilities.


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