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Model Number: NH-99723

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Spin Columns are designed for fast, simple and efficient extraction of DNA and RNA from biological samples such as bacteria, viruses, yeast, cultured cells, fresh and dried blood, urine, buccal swabs, animal tissue. They can also be used for DNA PCR product cleanup and nucleic acid gel extraction.
Each item includes both the spin column and a 2 mL sample collection tube.
Extraction of DNA from bacteria, viruses, yeast, cultured cells, blood, urine, buccal swabs, animal tissue.


A spin column is a laboratory device used for the rapid purification and isolation of nucleic acids, proteins, or other biomolecules from complex mixtures. This column-based method employs centrifugal force to facilitate the efficient separation of biomolecules based on their properties, such as size, charge, or binding affinity.

Key features of spin columns include:

Column Design: Spin columns typically consist of a cylindrical tube with a filter or membrane at the base, allowing the passage of purified biomolecules while retaining contaminants.

Centrifugation: The purification process involves placing the sample in the column and subjecting it to centrifugation. Centrifugal force drives the biomolecules through the column material, separating them from impurities.

Binding Matrices: Columns may contain specialized matrices or resins that selectively bind specific biomolecules, aiding in their purification.

Sample Capacity: Spin columns come in various sizes with different sample capacities, accommodating a range of experimental needs.

Applications: Spin columns are widely used for DNA and RNA extraction, protein purification, and isolation of various biomolecules in molecular biology and biochemistry research.

Quick and Efficient: The centrifugal-based design allows for rapid and efficient purification, making spin columns popular for routine laboratory procedures.

Compatibility: Spin columns are compatible with various downstream applications, including PCR, qPCR, and other molecular analyses.

Spin columns offer a convenient and versatile solution for researchers seeking a quick and effective method for biomolecule purification, allowing for downstream applications in molecular biology, genetics, and related fields.


Laboratory Medical Equipment

Laboratory Medical Equipment


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