Square LED Operation Lamp

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Model Number: NH-72453

Brand: Niche Healthcare

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Product introduction

The LED surgical shadowless lamp is composed of multiple lamp bulbs. The bulb has a longer life than the traditional shadowless lamp. It is round or petal-shaped. It is fixed on the balance arm suspension system. It is stable in positioning and can be moved vertically or cyclically. It can meet different heights during surgery. The petal-shaped surgical shadowless lamp is also a kind of LED.


The coating is sprayed with world-leading Akzo Nobel powder coating and anti-glare treatment, which meets the demanding requirements of surgical lighting. The design of the lamp holder focuses on reducing the turbulence. The streamlined lampshade of the whole lamp arm is carefully designed according to the principle of aerodynamics, which is fully in line with The standard of a modern new operating room.


Compared with the traditional manual focusing function, this shadowless lamp is equipped with an electric focusing function, which is more convenient in operation.


The bulbs are imported from Germany OSRAM brand, using a special optical system, 360 ° uniformly illuminated on the observed object, no shadows, true reproduction of the organization colour, and achieve constant colour temperature under any light intensity conditions. The material is hard and no mercury pollution. Also, the emitted light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet radiation pollution.


The colour rendering index reaches 97, which truly reflects the colour of human tissues. It is suitable for various surgical scenes and greatly reduces the visual fatigue of medical staff due to long-term operations.


Special overhaul unit, photoelectric separation design, is for quick repair, which keeps the circuit board away from the heat source. What’s more, it increases the service life, and improve the convenience at the same time. The control box can also be easily disassembled for maintenance. The modular lamp body is made of high-quality aluminium alloy precision casting, and the light source can be replaced independently.


5 ward furniture favourites

5 ward furniture favourites.


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