Sterile Latex Gynaecological Gloves

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Model Number: NH-21215

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

For public medical and medical operation. 
Anatomically shaped with long cuff for greater comfort and protection.
Microtextured surface for better grip and control.
Usage for Obstetric, Gynecology, Laboratory, Veterinary, etc
Soft, comfortable, fitting body and sterilized by gamma ray radiation.
Latex Obstetric Gloves,powdered or powder free in choice.
Product name:Sterile Latex Gynaecological Gloves 
Material: 100% latex
With powdered or powder free.
Length: 48cm /- 1cm
Size: S/6.5, M/7.5, L/8.5
Colour: Natural
Packing: 1pair/pouch, 25pairs/box, 8boxes/carton


Sterile latex gynaecological gloves play a crucial role in maintaining aseptic conditions during gynecological procedures in the National Health Service (NHS) and other healthcare settings. Here are some healthcare benefits associated with the use of sterile latex gynaecological gloves:

  1. Infection Prevention: Sterile gloves create a barrier between the healthcare provider and the patient, minimizing the risk of infection transmission during gynecological examinations and procedures. They help maintain a sterile environment, preventing the introduction of microorganisms.

  2. Patient Safety: The use of sterile gloves contributes to the overall safety of patients undergoing gynecological procedures. It helps prevent the transfer of bacteria or contaminants that could lead to infections or complications.

  3. Healthcare Provider Protection: Sterile gloves protect healthcare providers from potential exposure to bodily fluids and microorganisms. This is essential for the safety and well-being of medical professionals during gynecological examinations and interventions.

  4. Accuracy of Procedures: The tactile sensitivity and fit of sterile latex gloves allow healthcare providers to perform gynecological examinations with precision and accuracy. This is crucial for diagnostic procedures, sample collection, and other interventions.

  5. Comfort and Dexterity: Sterile latex gloves are designed to provide comfort and flexibility, allowing healthcare providers to perform intricate gynecological procedures with ease. This enhances the overall experience for both the provider and the patient.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: The use of sterile latex gloves aligns with regulatory standards and infection control guidelines in healthcare. Adherence to these standards is crucial for maintaining high-quality patient care and meeting regulatory requirements.

  7. Reduced Risk of Allergic Reactions: While some individuals may be allergic to latex, sterile latex gloves are often low in allergenic proteins. For those without latex allergies, these gloves provide a reliable barrier without triggering adverse reactions.

  8. Proper Fit and Sizing: Sterile latex gynaecological gloves are available in various sizes to ensure a proper fit for healthcare providers. A proper fit enhances dexterity and prevents issues such as glove slipping during procedures.

  9. Flexibility for Different Procedures: Sterile latex gloves are suitable for various gynecological procedures, including examinations, cervical screenings, and minor interventions. Their versatility makes them a valuable tool in the gynecological care toolkit.

  10. Prevention of Cross-Contamination: The use of sterile gloves is crucial for preventing cross-contamination between patients during gynecological examinations. This is particularly important in maintaining infection control in busy healthcare settings.

It’s essential to note that while sterile latex gloves offer several benefits, healthcare providers need to consider the potential for latex allergies in both patients and healthcare workers. In cases of latex sensitivity, alternative materials such as nitrile or vinyl gloves may be used. Regular training and adherence to infection control protocols ensure the effective and safe use of sterile latex gynaecological gloves in healthcare practice.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pairs)
NH-21215 Sterile Latex Gynaecological Gloves,with powder,texture surface 200
NH-21216 Sterile Latex Gynaecological Gloves,powder free,texture surface 200


PPE - Niche Healthcare

PPE – Niche Healthcare


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