Sticky Mat (30 layers/mat, 10 mats/case)

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Model Number: NH-31097

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Sticky Mats are manufactured to create a stack of polyethylene film sheets coated with a specially treated pressure sensitive adhesive on the exposed and mounting surfaces. The mat adhesive film effectively captures dirt and dust from foot-traffic and equipment wheels (or wheelchairs) before they enter the controlled environment being protected.

Adhesive mats are widely used in a variety of industries including : Semiconductor, Biotechnology, Medical Devicork shop and reception environments.

The Tacky Mat has 30 sheets to one pad and each sheet is clearly marked.


Film material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Size: 18”X36”/24”X36”/26”X45” or customized

Package: 30layers/mat or customized.

Tackiness: Low/Medium/High

Colour: Blue, Grey, White, Pink, Green

Film thickness: 30/35/40/45um.


A sticky mat, also known as a tacky mat or adhesive mat, is a type of mat designed to capture and remove contaminants, particulate matter, and dirt from footwear or wheels before entering a clean or controlled environment. These mats are commonly used in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, electronics assembly, pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms, laboratories, and other settings where maintaining a clean and controlled environment is crucial.

Key features and aspects of sticky mats include:

Adhesive Surface: Sticky mats consist of multiple layers of disposable adhesive-coated sheets. The surface of each sheet is tacky, which means it has a slightly sticky or adhesive quality.

Layered Design: The mats are typically constructed with multiple layers, and each layer has a numbered corner or tab. When a sheet becomes dirty, it can be peeled off to reveal a clean layer beneath. This layering system helps ensure continuous cleanliness.

Sizes and Colours: Sticky mats come in various sizes to accommodate different entry points. Common sizes include 18×36 inches or 24×36 inches. They are often available in different colours, with blue being a common choice.

Placement: These mats are usually placed at the entrance of cleanrooms, controlled environments, or areas where hygiene and cleanliness are critical. They may also be used in areas where sensitive electronic equipment is handled to prevent the introduction of contaminants.

Disposable: Sticky mats are typically disposable, and once all the layers have been used, the entire mat is discarded and replaced with a new one.

Application Areas: Some of the common application areas for sticky mats include semiconductor manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, laboratories, medical facilities, cleanroom entrances, and places where there is a need to control the transfer of particulate matter.

The purpose of sticky mats is to minimize the risk of contaminants being brought into controlled environments, which is crucial in industries where even small particles can negatively impact the quality and functionality of products or processes. By using these mats, organizations can help maintain a cleaner and more controlled working environment.



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