Stitch Cutters

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Model Number: NH-6765545

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Stitch cutters, also known as suture cutters or suture removal scissors, are medical instruments designed specifically for the removal of sutures.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (pcs)
Carbon Steel Stitch Cutters
510401 65mm 5000
510402 110mm 4000
Stainless Steel Stitch Cutters
510403 65mm 5000
510404 110mm 4000


Stitch cutters, also known as suture cutters or suture removal scissors, are medical instruments designed specifically for the removal of sutures (stitches) from a patient’s skin after a wound or incision has sufficiently healed. These instruments are essential in the postoperative care process. Here are some key features and information about stitch cutters:

Design: Stitch cutters typically have a small, pointed tip with one or both blades having a notch or hook at the tip. The notch is designed to slide under the suture, allowing for easy cutting.

Blade Type: The blades of stitch cutters are usually sharp and angled, making it easy to cut through the suture material without causing unnecessary trauma to the surrounding skin.

Material: The blades are commonly made of stainless steel for durability and sharpness. Some stitch cutters have plastic handles, while others may have metal handles, both designed for ease of use and sterilization.

Sterility: Like many medical instruments, stitch cutters need to be sterile to prevent infections. They are typically packaged in sterile pouches or containers and should be opened only when ready for use.

Single-Use or Reusable: While some stitch cutters are designed for single-use and disposed of after a single procedure, others are made to be reusable. Reusable stitch cutters need to undergo proper cleaning and sterilization procedures between uses.

Size and Shape: Stitch cutters come in various sizes to accommodate different types and sizes of sutures. The size and shape may vary depending on the specific needs of the procedure.

Safety Considerations: Some stitch cutters have safety features, such as rounded tips or blunt ends, to minimize the risk of injury to the patient or healthcare provider during suture removal.

When removing sutures, healthcare professionals use stitch cutters carefully to ensure the smooth and painless removal of the stitches. It’s crucial to follow proper medical procedures and techniques to avoid complications and promote optimal wound healing.


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