Stone Basket (40 – Qty)

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Model Number: NH-91961

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Used for the extraction of stones and foreign objects in the urinary system.
Basket material: Nitinol
Tip type: intercept type
Operating length: 115cm
Open basket width: 7mm/10mm
External diameter: 3.0fr


Stone Basket are employed for the extraction of stones and foreign objects from the urinary system, this medical device facilitates the precise and effective removal of obstructions, contributing to improved urinary health and overall patient well-being.


Cat. No.
Stone Basket, nitinol, intercept type, 7mm, 3.0Fr x 115cm
Stone Basket, nitinol, intercept type, 10mm, 3.0Fr x 115cm


Laboratory Medical Equipment

Laboratory Medical Equipment.


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