Disposable Suction Liner

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Model number; NH-82582

Brand; Niche Healthcare 


A suction liner, in a medical context, typically refers to a disposable canister or bag used to collect and contain fluids, secretions, or debris during suction procedures. Suction liners are commonly employed in medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, and surgical suites, where suction is needed to remove fluids from a patient’s body, particularly during surgical procedures or medical interventions.


Key features of suction liners include:


Disposable Design: Suction liners are typically designed for single-use to ensure a sterile and uncontaminated environment. After use, the entire liner is disposed of, and a new, sterile one is attached for the next procedure.

Suction Tubing Connection: Suction liners are equipped with a port or connection for attaching suction tubing. This allows healthcare providers to connect the suction source to the liner, creating a closed system for fluid collection.

Graduated Markings: Many suction liners have graduated markings on the side, allowing healthcare professionals to estimate the volume of collected fluids. This is important for monitoring the patient’s condition and ensuring effective suction.

Filter: Some suction liners may include a filter to prevent contaminants and particles from entering the suction system. Filters help maintain the integrity of the suction source and prevent damage.

Transparent Material: The body of the suction liner is often made of transparent or semi-transparent material, enabling healthcare providers to visually assess the contents and monitor the progress of the suction procedure.

Easy Attachment and Removal: Suction liners are designed to be easily attached to and removed from suction canisters or units, facilitating quick and efficient changes between procedures.

Suction liners play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and controlled environment during suction procedures, whether in surgery, airway management, or other medical interventions where the removal of fluids or debris is necessary. They contribute to infection control and prevent contamination of the suction apparatus.


The specific design and features of suction liners may vary between manufacturers and healthcare institutions. Healthcare providers follow established protocols for the use, replacement, and disposal of suction liners to ensure patient safety and maintain aseptic conditions.


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