Tall LED Operation Lighting Lamp

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Model Number: NH-83799

Brand: Niche Healthcare

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Product introduction

The LED surgical shadowless lamp is composed of multiple lamp bulbs. The bulb has a longer life than the traditional shadowless lamp. It is round or petal-shaped. It is fixed on the balance arm suspension system. It is stable in positioning and can be moved vertically or cyclically. It can meet different heights during surgery.


Technical Parameters

►Diameter of lighthead(mm): 650

►Illumination at 1m(Lux): 160000

►Brightness control range: 0-100% stepless adjustment

►Colour Temperature(Kelvin): 4000-6000

►Colour Rendering Index(CRI): ≥95

►Temperature rise(Surgeon head)(℃): ≤1

►Temperature rise(Surgical field)(℃): ≤1

►Total Irradiance Ee(W/m2): ≤450

►Radiant Power Ee/Ec(mW/m2 lux): ≤4

►Effective Focusing Depth(cm): 60-130

►Lighting Spot Size(cm): 16-28

►L1+L2 depth of illumination(cm): ≥130

►Bulb Type: LED

►Bulb Brand: OSRAM

►Bulb Quantity:45

►Bulb Powe(w): 1

►Average Bulb Life(hours): ≥80000



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5 ward furniture favourites.


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