TCA Rapid Urine Test Device

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Catalog No. TCA-1012 Format Device
Specimen Urine Certificate CE/FDA
Reading Time 5 minutes Test/Kit 40
Storage Temperature 4-30°C Shelf Life 2 Years
Sensitivity >99.9% Specificity >99.9%
Accuracy >99.9% Composition Individually packed test device,  Package insert, Dropper


Tricyclic antidepressants are a class of medications used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

The test strip typically consists of a plastic casing with an absorbent pad at one end. This pad contains antibodies that specifically bind to tricyclic antidepressants if present in the urine sample. The test works on the principle of immunochromatography, where the antibodies on the strip capture the target substances, causing a visible reaction line to appear if tricyclic antidepressants are detected.

The process for conducting a TCA Rapid Test Strip (Urine) typically involves the following steps:

  • Collecting a urine sample from the individual being tested.
  • Dipping the test strip into the urine sample for a specified amount of time, usually a few seconds.
  • Removing the strip from the urine and placing it on a clean, flat surface.
  • Waiting for a designated period, typically a few minutes, for the results to develop.

Reading the results based on the appearance of lines or other indicators on the test strip. A visible line in the test region indicates a positive result, meaning tricyclic antidepressants are present in the urine sample, while the absence of a line indicates a negative result.

It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when conducting the test to ensure accurate results. Additionally, interpretation of the results should be done by trained personnel, as false positives or false negatives can occur due to various factors such as cross-reactivity with other substances or improper testing procedures.

These rapid test strips are often used in clinical settings, rehabilitation centres, workplace drug testing programs, and emergency departments to screen for tricyclic antidepressant use. Positive results may indicate recent or past use of tricyclic antidepressants, which can have implications for medical treatment and monitoring.

Urine Strip tests

Also known as urinalysis or dipstick tests, offer several benefits in assessing various health indicators. These tests can provide information about:

      1.    Kidney Function: Detecting abnormalities in kidney function by measuring levels of substances like creatinine and protein.

      2.    Diabetes Monitoring: Checking for glucose levels in urine helps monitor diabetes and assess blood sugar control.

      3.    Liver Function: Indicators such as bilirubin and urobilinogen can provide insights into liver health.

      4.    Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Detecting signs of infection, such as leukocytes and nitrites, helps diagnose UTIs.

      5.    Dehydration: Concentration of urine can indicate hydration status.

      6.    Acidity/Alkalinity: Assessing pH levels can provide information about the body’s acid-base balance.

While urine strip tests offer quick and convenient insights, they are not a substitute for comprehensive medical evaluation. Results should be interpreted in conjunction with other clinical information for accurate diagnoses.


Facts About Drug & Alcohol Testing.

Facts About Drug & Alcohol Testing.


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