Thread Glass Test Tube

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Model Number: NH-359234

Brand: Niche HealthCare


Cat No. Description Qty/Case(PCS)
671101 Thread Glass Test Tube,PBT cap,round bottom,10x50mm 3000
671102 Thread Glass Test Tube,PBT cap,round bottom,10x75mm 3000
671103 Thread Glass Test Tube,PBT cap,round bottom,12x75mm 3000
671104 Thread Glass Test Tube,PBT cap,round bottom,12x100mm 3000
671105 Thread Glass Test Tube,PBT cap,round bottom,13x100mm 3000
671106 Thread Glass Test Tube,PBT cap,round bottom,15x100mm 3000
671107 Thread Glass Test Tube,PBT cap,round bottom,16x100mm 3000


Threaded glass vials or tubes typically have screw threads at the opening, allowing them to be sealed with a cap or closure. These types of containers are often used in various laboratory or industrial applications for storing and transporting small quantities of liquids or powders securely. The threaded design ensures a tight seal, preventing leaks or contamination.

Key features of threaded glass vials may include:

Material: Borosilicate glass is commonly used for threaded vials due to its resistance to thermal shock and chemical stability.

Thread Design: The screw threads at the opening of the vial allow for the attachment of a cap or closure, ensuring a secure and airtight seal.

Size and Capacity: Threaded glass vials come in various sizes and capacities, catering to different storage needs.

Closure Options: Caps or closures for threaded vials can have various designs, including ones with septa for sealing and protecting samples.

Applications: Threaded glass vials find applications in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and industries where secure storage and transportation of samples are essential.


Laboratory Medical Equipment

Laboratory Medical Equipment


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