Three Layer Compression Bandage System

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A three-layer compression bandage system is a medical dressing used to apply compression to a limb, typically for the treatment of conditions like venous leg ulcers or lymphedema. The three layers work together to provide graduated compression, meaning that the pressure is highest at the ankle and gradually decreases as it moves up the limb. This helps improve blood and lymphatic flow.

The three layers in a compression bandage system typically include:

Layer 1 – Contact Layer (Inner Layer):

This is the layer that directly contacts the skin. It is usually a non-adherent material to prevent sticking to the wound or surrounding skin. The contact layer often allows for the absorption of any exudate (fluid) from the wound.

Layer 2 – Padding and Absorption Layer (Middle Layer):

The middle layer provides padding and absorbs any additional exudate. It helps to distribute pressure evenly and provides additional cushioning.

Layer 3 – Compression Layer (Outer Layer):

The outermost layer is the compression bandage that provides the necessary pressure to support venous return and reduce swelling. This layer is stretchable and has varying degrees of elasticity, with the highest compression usually applied at the ankle and decreasing as it moves up the limb.

The three-layer compression bandage system is applied in a spiral fashion, starting at the base of the limb (usually the ankle) and working upwards. It is important to apply the bandage with the appropriate tension to achieve the desired compression gradient. Proper application is crucial for the effectiveness of the compression therapy.

Healthcare professionals, such as nurses or wound care specialists, typically apply and manage compression bandages. Compression therapy is an essential component of the management of certain vascular and lymphatic conditions, and it should be used under the guidance of a healthcare provider. It’s important to monitor the patient for any signs of complications or changes in condition during the use of compression bandages.


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