Tooth Shaped Handheld Mirror

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Model Number: NH-89572

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

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Material: Plastic 

Application: Dental Area


Handheld mirrors come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, serving a multitude of purposes beyond just dental examinations. Here are a few common types and their uses:

  • Compact mirrors: These are small, usually round mirrors with a hinged cover, making them ideal for carrying in a purse or pocket. They’re commonly used for quick makeup touch-ups or checking one’s appearance on the go.
  • Hand mirrors: These are larger mirrors with a handle, allowing for a better grip and more flexibility in positioning. They’re often used for tasks like styling hair, applying makeup, or grooming.
  • Magnifying mirrors: Some handheld mirrors have a magnifying side, typically used for detailed tasks like tweezing eyebrows, applying intricate makeup, or examining the skin closely.
  • Decorative mirrors: Handheld mirrors can also be ornately designed, serving as both functional tools and decorative accessories.
  • Portable mirrors for specific purposes: There are handheld mirrors designed for specific tasks, such as shaving mirrors with fog-resistant surfaces or outdoor mirrors for camping or hiking.

Handheld mirrors are versatile tools found in homes, salons, theatres, and various other settings where quick and convenient access to a mirror is necessary.


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